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Why BEHR for Property Managers

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As a property manager, you understand the importance of keeping your tenants happy, all while increasing profitability for your stakeholders. At Behr, we understand the challenges you face, so we offer a wide range of services specifically designed for property managers. Services such as substrate condition observations to help you keep your properties stay in tip-top shape, professional color services such as digital color renderings that allow the visualization of colors on your property, and color boards to present color schemes and palettes to stakeholders. Our free job-site delivery service saves you both time and money by keeping your paint crew on task and on schedule. Plus, by upgrading paint quality with products such as BEHR MARQUEE® Exterior Paint, an asset will need to be re-coated fewer times over longer periods––reducing material, recurring labor, and administrative costs.

Environmental Certifications

More than 40 BEHR® and KILZ® Products have achieved the prestigious GREENGUARD® Gold-level certification. Gold-level products are acceptable for use in schools and health care facilities, and are CHPS compliant.

In addition, many of our products contribute to earning points needed for LEED®† credits in both v.3 and v.4, and we offer 106 products that measure up to rigorous MPI®standards.

Products that Perform

Every day, more than 220 formulators and chemists, including 20+ PhDs, are at work in Behr labs creating, testing, analyzing and perfecting formulations.

Then applications specialists, including licensed contractors and former paint professionals, evaluate their performance. Additional field testing explores how our products stand up to direct sun, harsh temperature changes, high traffic settings, repeated scrubbing, and more.