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Making A Connection

Make a connection: face-to-face meetings make a sale

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Key Points
  • Don't underestimate the power of talking to your customers face-to-face.
  • Set up meetings with the client throughout the remodeling process: from start-to middle-to end.
  • Follow up with your client after the job is done. You'll learn what went right and wrong with the job and you'll also build your reputation in your client's eyes.

Sure, email and cell phones make communicating with clients quick and easy. But you could be losing out on potential business by relying solely on these new communication tools. Though many clients value quick responses to easy questions, they want individualized, personal attention from their remodelers. Taking the time to meet with new customers face-to-face could mean the difference between landing a job and losing one.

Because of the often complex nature of remodeling projects, homeowners are feeling more overwhelmed than ever when faced with decisions involving their home. With the immense number of product choices, the wealth of opinions surrounding the selection of a remodeler, and the bad press that can haunt the remodeling industry, potential customers may shy away from businesses they feel will be inattentive to their needs or unresponsive to their questions.

To combat these worries, consider setting up a series of face-to-face meetings with new clients to walk through the process, the initial stages of the project, and address any of their immediate concerns. Additional in-person meetings should be scheduled throughout the project's timeline. Bring in all of the people that will be involved (from your guys in the field to both homeowners) in the project and talk through the building process.

Taking this additional step not only insures that customers feel like they are being heard and their needs met, but this means you're also unlikely to have any surprise revisions to your completed project.

Touching base with clients after a job is completed can also help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses as a company lie. Briefly survey former customers either in a personal telephone conversation or face to face; ask them to rate your performance and indicate where you could improve. Conducting this brief performance survey will not only let your clients know that you valued their business but that you are open to improving your customer satisfaction should they require your services at a later date or are asked to recommend a remodeling business to their friends or family.

Not sure why your sales close rates are falling off? Use the same survey technique to determine the reason for this decline. The answers can be as simplistic as changing thoughts on the remodel or deciding to go with another estimate. You may find, however, that customers are going with the competition because of your communication style. Responses may indicate that these customers required more personal. one-on-one service than a quick email or a brief phone call could accommodate.

In addition to setting up regular meetings with your homeowners, you can flaunt your dedication to customer service to potential clients at in-person events like home shows by taking time to discuss their ideas and aspirations for their home. Open houses can also help showcase your work in addition to allowing you to talk directly with homeowners interested in remodeling. Meeting with potential clients face-to-face at functions like these can help you develop relationships and instill confidence in your customers that you'll be there for them throughout the process and that you're the right remodeler for the job.

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