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Social networking sites will help you introduce your business to new audiences

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Key Points
  • It's not enogh to have only a business website. You'll need to connect with your customers in new and more personal ways.
  • Setting up a social media account is easy -- just register for an account.
  • Email newsletters are still an effective way to update your customer on promotions and sales.

It's not enough to just have a website anymore. While Google is an extremely useful tool and many of your potential clients will be searching for your services using the engine, there are likely to be thousands of results for remodeling businesses and if you aren't on the first results page, clients may pass you by.

You have to find a way to clear the competition and connect with clients on an individual level

Traditional and new media communication applications can help you build your business without draining your wallet. Though relatively new to the marketing scene, social networking is here to stay and it's not just for kids. In fact, social networking through websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can, without spending a dime, help you spread the word about your business to new audiences.

Not sure how to use these websites? Most of them are relatively self-explanatory. You'll first be asked to sign up for an account (you may want to have your username relate to your business' name if you plan to use the account specifically for building your business). You'll then develop your user profile and find personal and professional contacts. From there, you'll be well on your way towards developing a stable web presence.

While all of these websites serve essentially the same networking purpose, they are all unique in the users they attract. Connect with former and potential clients, colleagues, and friends using LinkedIn. This professional website allows you to post your resume, build your network of business and client contacts, and request recommendations from former clients. You can post videos, virtual tours and images of previous jobs to a Facebook (quickly gaining ground with more mature audiences) account and let clients see your past work.

Don't know what a "tweet" is? Knowing and using Twitter can mean connecting with thousands of potential clients. Twitter is the latest, fastest growing social media resource available which allows users to post 140 character blurbs that focus on daily events, professional information, or links to interesting content. Follow other remodelers, industry professionals, former and prospective clients on one platform across the globe or in your backyard. Using hash (#) tags like #dc indicates that your tweet and your business are located in the Washington, DC area. When people search using hash tags your tweet will then be visible to them. You can also search hash tags, words, or phrases to find people with similar interests. Searching "new house" or "remodeling" can mean finding new clients. Simply click "follow" to connect with users you have an interest in connecting with.

While the buzz about social networking has been deafening, traditional methods of marketing like email newsletters are still important for keeping in contact with potential clients. Need to spread the word about a new it sale or promotion? Look to eNewsletters to get the word out to your client base. There are a number of free or nearly free sites like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor that can help you build, deploy, and track eNewsletters. blasts. And landing pages for your email campaigns. Combining these new and traditional methods for communicating with new and old customers can help you develop a robust marketing plan and get your business recognized.

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