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"Behr Pro helps me win business, and stay competitive in a very competitive market."

Mike Armour
Mike Armour's Custom Painting

Nobody knows how hard it is to stay competitive on pricing without compromising quality quite like you do. Behr Pro is right there to help you keep your edge in terms of pricing and quality with a unique annual volume discount buying program.

How Does It Work?

It works like this: through The Home Depot Pro Rewards Program, we offer tiered discounts so the more you buy, the more you save. We establish a pricing model that gives you a discount on every gallon of product you buy at any one of nearly 2,000 The Home Depot locations. Your spending is tracked and you get the full discount – up to 20% -- on every order, every time.

Just Talk to Your Behr Pro Rep to Get Started

There’s no club to join, no membership fee to pay. Just our commitment to helping you deliver the quality you want and the price that makes the most business sense. Ask your Pro Rep for details or stop by a Pro Desk at any Home Depot location. Learn more about The Home Depot Pro Rewards Program or sign up online today!

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