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Does your pricing change from store to store or vary between different parts of the country?
No, we believe in offering our Behr Pro customers the most competitive prices possible. Pricing is the same at all The Home Depots with the same available discounts through Pro Rewards Paint.

How can you sell great paint for such a competitive price?
Simple -- we have some of the most advanced and efficient manufacturing facilities in the country and we make a lot of paint every day! Our streamlined supply chain also keeps costs down and we pass those savings on to you.

Does Behr Pro offer discounts for Pro customers?
Volume discounts vary depending on your annual purchase. Contact your local Behr Pro rep or The Home Depot Pro Desk Associate for complete details.

How do I place an order?
To place an order, just contact your Behr Pro rep. We will work with The Home Depot team to ensure the order is processed on time and correctly.

Can I pull stock off the shelf and still get tiered pricing?
We recognize that sometimes you just can’t order in advance, so shelf stock is included in the Pro Rewards Paint program. For smaller quantities you can be assured of finding what you need no matter how last-minute your timetable.

Do I need a contractor’s license to sign up for Pro Rewards Paint?
No. However, The Home Depot may ask for some proof of your business. This program is not intended for do-it-yourself customers, or non-professionals.

How does the Pro Rewards Paint program benefit me?
Just spend $2,000 to save 10 percent, or spend $7,500 to save a walloping 20 percent. Plus, you can take advantage of specials. Pro Rewards Paint members also get free factory tinting, purchase tracking by job, and direct-to-job-site delivery*. It takes only a few minutes to sign up for this free program online or at any The Home Depot Pro Desk.

How can Behr Pro save me money?
In addition to everyday low prices, The Home Depot offers volume discounts on all BEHR® and KILZ® products. The discount is based on your annual paint volume. The more you buy, the more you save.

How can I receive discounts for large commercial projects?
Visit The Home Depot Pro Desk more details.

Dedicated Service Reps

Do you have reps out in the field?
Yes, we have dedicated Behr Pro reps around the country who can assist you. Please call 877-PRO-3961 or find a rep on Of course, you can always call your local The Home Depot too -- at the voice prompt, press 5 for the Pro Desk and a Sales Associate will put you in touch with your dedicated Behr Pro rep.

Will a Behr Pro rep come to my job site?
Yes. Your dedicated Behr Pro rep is always nearby to help on every project, no matter the scale. He/she can help you with everything from product specifications and selections options to problem resolution and estimate assistance, as well as job walks with you and your team.

Will you help me write paint specs for large jobs?
We support property managers, general contractors, remodelers, architects and designers with color samples and other tools in a comprehensive package produced specifically for professionals.

Where is the Behr Pro rep located?
There are dedicated Behr Pro reps providing in-field support in most major cities and the list is growing. Instore reps are also available to you for information or service. Wherever there is The Home Depot, there is a rep in the area to serve you.

Free Job-Site Delivery* & Factory Tinting

Do I have to stand in line at The Home Depot?
No, not even for your first order! Through our Free Job-Site Delivery* program, we deliver to your jobsite from day one.

How many gallons do I have to purchase in order to get onsite delivery?
The minimum gallon guideline is 24 gallons per delivery. If you have a unique need, please contact your local Behr Pro rep and he/she can help you find the right solution.

For onsite delivery, do you guarantee deliveries within 72 hours?
We will work to meet your job needs. If you have a shorter lead time requirement, please contact your Behr Pro Rep.

What services are included with the free* job site visits?
Factory tinting, virtually unlimited inventory availability and “white glove” service at the time of delivery. Our delivery routes start as early as 5:00 am to ensure we stay on schedule. In addition, we offer will call pick up through our distribution centers to meet immediate product orders.

What about color matching?
Just provide your Behr Pro rep or Pro Desk professional with the color name or number and we’ll tint your order precisely to that color. If you only have a sample, we'll match it in our color lab in Santa Ana, CA. Our tinting process is precisely calculated and controlled by computer, ensuring pinpoint accurate color and fast turnaround.

The "pro" stores keep physical color samples of the paint we have ordered so they can exactly reproduce a color. Can you offer the same? When you use Behr Pro services such as factory tinting, color is managed at our facility and we keep draw downs to compare for accuracy.

*Where available, 24 gallon minimum

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