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We know the products you choose can make or break a project. Do you know what makes a great paint? BEHR Paints use top-quality ingredients to keep your project looking and performing at its best.

Does BEHR Paint Resist Cracking and Peeling?

There’s a lot that goes into the paint can, but do you know the glue that holds it all together? BEHR Paints use 100% acrylic resin to provide quality products for your job. Watch an example of why 100% acrylic binder is superior to value vinyl.

Will My Cabinets Be Ready to Use in 2 Hours?

Time is money. A quick return to service keeps you moving forward and on to your next project. BEHR PREMIUM® Cabinet & Trim Enamel offers the gift of time. Take a look at how dry time can dramatically impact the quality of your project.

Will BEHR MARQUEE® Exterior Paint Resist Dirt?

It’s what’s on the outside that matters. The exterior is the first line of defense against unpredictable Mother Nature elements which can be a challenge. Check out how BEHR MARQUEE Exterior Paint compares to the competition.

Is BEHR Interior Paint Tough Enough to Scrub?

Not all paint is created equal. Paint is made up of volume solids: binder and pigment. Most BEHR Paints use top quality solids such as 100% acrylic resin and Ti02 pigment that delivers a durable and washable finish. See how BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint withstands tough scrubbing.

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