Blue and green tones blend beautifully together to create this diverse hue that represents colors from the earth’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. With its wide range of tones, teals can create both a stimulating and soothing environment. Clean or pure teals can liven up a room, while muted teals are a great backdrop for a relaxed atmosphere for any space.

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by Larayne Boaz


Think beige is boring? Take a peek at these popular California beige tones. Beige has a serene, soft, comforting personality. Warmer shades of beige help make a room feel cozy and formal, while cooler shades tend to achieve a more contemporary feel.

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by Diana Olvera

Color of the Month: Fiji

July is the month of summer vacations and peaceful strolls along a beach or waterfront whenever possible. Turquoise waters, blue skies and big smiles perfectly capture the mood of the month. Behr color Fiji P460-5 calls to mind swimming pools and the pristine, refreshing ocean waters between sand and sky, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month. CONTINUE READING »

by Quinn Larson

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