Blooming Lilacs

In April we start to see the colors from natures blooms. Purple hues like violets, lavenders, and lilacs pop into sight. These feminine hues remind us of our youth and bring out our maternal feeling.


by Larayne Boaz


Creating an Eclectic Living Space

From Pinterest to Houzz, Instagram and everything in between, the options we have today for design inspiration are endless. You could spend hours, days even, scrolling through beautiful photos of stylized spaces hoping to glean just one tip, trick or technique to help get the look in your own space. Boho bedrooms, farmhouse kitchens and modern bathrooms are all the rage, but how do you figure out which one is the best fit for you and your home? And what if you like things about each?


by Rob Hellander


Color of the Month: Fanciful

April is the month when we see colors return to the landscape’s palette, turning it into a rainbow-inspired playground of springtime activity for all life. Flowers in soft pastels evoke feelings of joy, announcing that spring has finally arrived. Behr color Fanciful M560-2, a gentle lilac, perfectly captures the spirit of this fresh new season, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month.


by Diana Olvera

Instagram @BEHRPAINT