Do It Yourself: Holiday Card Shutters

The holidays are a festive time to make an amazing first impression as guests enter your winter wonderland. Bring some holiday cheer home with an easy and fun way to display cards using our color of the month Red Pepper. This month, transform window shutters into holiday card holders that you can mount on the wall or prop up against furniture. This shutter can also be used all year long as a great accent piece.


by Daniela Donato


Color of the Month: Red Pepper

December is a time for get-togethers with family and friends. It also means weather that’s perfect for snuggling up indoors with a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa. Behr paint color Red Pepper PPU2-02 captures the colors of a dried chili pepper or smoked paprika powder, both which are perfect for recipes that help warm the body and soul on a cool December day. This paint hue spices things up in just about any room house all year ’round.


by Diana Olvera


Color Explorer: The Endless Summer Palette

I spent six weeks this summer soaking up as much color inspiration as I could across North America as BEHR’s Color Explorer. Now, it was time to fulfill the second part of that role—translating the inspiration into an original paint palette. But turning raw experience into paint colors is no simple feat. In order to make this palette relatable, rather than merely a memento of my personal journey, it had to speak to a universal feeling.


by Guest Blogger

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