The feature room image for BEHR's color of the year.
Wall: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01

Behr announces its 2024 Color of the Year, Cracked Pepper, a versatile soft black, that will instantly elevate not only the room you’re in, but the way you feel in it—adding sophistication with ease alongside coordinating colors, finishes and materials.

Cracked Pepper proves that color can transcend sight by awakening the senses and radiating confidence from any wall it coats or trim it touches. Its alluring presence resounds as a soothing anchor to every corner of a home inside and out.

The top view of an open paint can featuring BEHR's 2024 color of the year, Cracked Pepper.
Feature Color: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01*

Create a focal point with a combination of Cracked Pepper and balanced light furnishings in a room with natural light, creating a strong presence while offering a spacious and airy appeal.

An Art Deco revival living room featuring a fireplace and an accent wall using BEHR's 2024 color of the year, Cracked Pepper.  There is a round coffee table, a green velvet accent chair, a light neutral modern sofa and the windows have floor length drapery.
Walls & Ceiling: Whipped Cream DC-001, Accent Wall: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01

When wrapping your walls in Cracked Pepper, play with patterns, textures, and wood tones to create a comforting and sensory experience that is both modern and timeless.

A home office/study room fully painted with a soft black called Cracked Pepper.  
The room vibe is very moody but the light neutrals tones, botanical prints and the mix of textures from the furnishings creates modern and timeless look.
Walls, Desk & Cabinetry: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01, Trim: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01

Cracked Pepper can distinguish bedroom walls with infinite depth for a warm and cozy environment contrasted with neutral bedding and wood toned furnishings.

A large stylish bedroom with some art deco revival elements such a cane bed with a black frame and a soft modern bench at the end of the bed. 
 The accent wall behind the bed's headboard is painted in a sophisticated soft black called Cracked Pepper. There is an arched doorway that looks into the next room.
Walls: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01, Even Better Beige DC-010, Trim: Weathered White HDC-NT-21

Create understated elegance in a dining room setting with Cracked Pepper walls, gleaming finishes and dramatic use of light.

A modern black color dining room setting featuring a circular wood table, contemporary wood and upholstered chairs with minimalistic organic shaped accessories.
Wall: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01

Cracked Pepper can add a subtle statement or make a significant impact as a kitchen island focal point or coating cabinets against neutral countertops and backsplash.

 A large open kitchen and dining room space, the design style is soft modern  with some modern rustic elements. The walls are painted in a popular white color called Weathered White and BEHR's 2024 color of the year, Cracked Pepper is being used on the kitchen island as an accent.
Walls: Weathered White HDC-NT-21, Island: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01, Cabinets & Trim: Whipped Cream DC-001

Learn more about the alluring presence of Cracked Pepper and how to awaken the experience of your home at

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*Note – Due to varying screen displays, the colors shown on this page cannot be represented in their true qualities. These should only be considered a guide. Please refer to color cards and 8 oz. sample containers for true color reference. Color samples allow to apply and test a small area on your wall to view light and ambient conditions that affect color at different times during the day. You can purchase a sample of Cracked Pepper here.

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  • Kim Wood says...

    I painted my kitchen black pepper two year ago. Hesitant to go black but it is soft, classy and brings warmth to the room. The color grounds the back wall which is cabinets, black countertops and rusted brick backsplash to the wooden shelf laden with pottery and then windows. The solid wall has seasonal paintings displayed in antique frames. The ceiling has wooden beams with a whitewashed wood ceiling. Appliances are stainless along with a stainless top six foot open wooden island. Tile and vintage worn oriental style rugs is the flooring. I repaint rooms often but this combination may stay for a long while.

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Kim, thank you for visiting our blog and a thank you for sharing your experience with BEHR Paint! 🙂

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