Elevating Home Exteriors with Jungle Camouflage

Modern House with metal and wood fence.

To transform your home’s exterior and elevate its curb appeal, choosing the perfect color can work wonders.  One captivating color option to consider is Jungle Camouflage N350-4, this unique color not only adds a touch of serenity to your home but also creates a harmonious blend with nature.

Whether your home’s exterior elements are warm or cool in tone, Jungle Camouflage can provide a neutral canvas, allowing the different building materials to stand out while maintaining an integrated and harmonious look.

This can make a subtle statement as it allows the home to stand out without being too bold or overwhelming. Also, light tones  in general, including Jungle Camouflage, have a cooling effect on the ambiance of your home.

Large contemporary home exterior with white trim and light wood door.
House Body: Jungle Camouflage, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE® 

A light gray-green color can be an excellent choice for the exterior of a split-level ranch house with a combination of siding and stone building materials. Jungle Camouflage can unify different building materials, such as siding and stone rather than compete for attention.

Split Ranch house with orange door.
House Body: Jungle Camouflage, Trim: Swiss Coffee, Door: Tiki Torch 

The light gray-green color offers reflective properties, making a home appear brighter and more spacious–especially beneficial for smaller homes.  Painting the windows and doors using a darker shade from the same color family can create a dynamic visual effect, enhancing the architectural features.

Small siding house with green double door.
House Body: Jungle Camouflage, Trim: Smoky White, Door: Secret Meadow, Deck & Steps(Exterior Wood Stain): Cordovan Brown 

The versatility of Jungle Camouflage works well with various farmhouse architectural styles. Whether it is a classic or a modern architecture, this hue can serve as both, an overall color or as a neutral yet characterful accent.

Modern Farmhouse.
House Body: Smoky White,  House Accent: Jungle Camouflage, Door: Dark Cherry Mocha

A gray-green house color can elevate the visual appeal of your home. It adds a touch of sophistication to the exterior while maintaining the laid-back and eclectic feel that is characteristic of boho front porch design.

Boho Porch with wooden swing.
House Body: Jungle Camouflage, Trim &  Ceiling: First Snow Swing Seat (Exterior Wood Stain): Cedar

Jungle Camouflage on a stucco exterior with modern architecture can create a contemporary look. Its subdued and earthy tones can complement the clean lines and geometric shapes often found in modern architecture, creating a harmonious balance between nature-inspired color and contemporary design.

Contemporary outdoor dining area.
House Body: Jungle Camouflage, Trim: Blank Canvas

Add Jungle Camouflage to your next exterior paint project and explore BEHR products by visiting behr.com.

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