Forest Greens

Stay warm and relaxed during the holiday season with cozy green hues. Forest greens like Silken Pine N430-7, Pinecone Hill N410-6, and Vine Leaf N400-7 are perfect for this season. These greens not only pair nicely with glittery lights and glowing fireplaces they are also restful and relaxing hues associated with new growth and a sense of hope.

Colorfully yours,


by Larayne Boaz


Color of the Month: Vine Leaf

December is the month when many of nature’s prolific plants go into dormancy, especially when it comes to displays of color. Deciduous trees have shed the last of their rainbow foliage and grass has faded to a dull brown. Evergreens, however, finally get to show off their jeweled forest hues in abundant splendor. Behr’s Vine Leaf N400-7 captures the essence of a refreshing, rejuvenating hike through a pine forest, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month.


by Quinn Larson

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