Transforming Spaces with Jungle Camouflage

An accent wall painted with a gray-green called Jungle Camouflage.

The color green is deeply connected to nature and brings the calming essence of the outdoors into any space it touches. A neutral green color on a wall creates a feeling of restoration and tranquility. Discover how to transform your space with Jungle Camouflage N350-4, a tried-and-true, designer-approved gray-green that stands the test of time. This relaxed color possesses unlimited versatility for effortless transformations of interior and exterior spaces.

The top view of an open paint can, the feature color is Jungle Camouflage.

Natural elements like wooden furniture or flooring can enhance the earthy feel of Jungle Camouflage–a combination that creates a harmonious and calming atmosphere.

A breakfast nook with two large window, the color on the walls is Jungle Camouflage.
Walls: Jungle Camouflage, Trim: Polar Bear 75

Using a camo-green tone on bathroom walls can create a fresh and soothing atmosphere while natural light can make the space feel brighter and more open.

Walls: Jungle Camouflage, Cabinets: Cotton Knit, Hardware: Oil Rubbed Bronze

A back hallway drenched with Jungle Camouflage promotes a serene and restful atmosphere. 

A cozy reading nook with built-in cabinetry, the color on the walls and cabinetry is Jungle Camouflage.
Walls, Baseboard & Cabinetry: Jungle Camouflage

Create a tranquil bedroom sanctuary by pairing this light earthy green with warm neutrals like white, beige, or tan.

A contemporary bedroom with light tone bedding.  The room windows on both sides of the bed and the walls are painted with Jungle Camouflage.
Wall: Jungle Camouflage, Trim & Ceiling: Blank Canvas

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  • Wanda A Gold Muncy says...

    What door color would you recommend with Jungle Camouflage?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Wanda, thank you for visiting our blog!

      For exterior door you can add a pop of color and pair it with Tiki Torch M180-6 or Dandelion Wish MQ4-12.

      Hope this helps!
      Colorfully Yours,

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