Taking a thrifted rattan folding screen and making it a more modern functional piece to use in your home.

By Rebekah Dempsey

| A Blissful Nest

rattan folding screen before and after fresh paint

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A while back ago when I was thrifting with my mom, I came across this rattan folding screen for a steal. It was love at first sight! I loved how beachy and modern it felt. I lugged it home and stored it in my office with no idea where to put it. I'm that kind of girl though. I will grab something with no plans of where it will go. But I always thought it would look amazing in a high gloss color. So when Behr contacted me wanting me to show them how to make a statement using color, I thought immediately about this guy. I knew this was the perfect piece to make a wow color change with.

Read on to see how a simple color change added a big wow factor to my home.

Isn’t the Compass Blue color just gorgeous?!

It dries much darker which is exactly what I wanted.


Wipe down the screen with a damp cloth to remove any dirt and debris.



Using the foam roller, paint one coat generously all over on the frame of the screen. Don't worry about the tiny crevices at this point. Let dry. This was a cooler day (mid 60's) and it took about 40 minutes to dry before I went on to the next step.



Using the paint sprayer, apply the next coat according to the instructions on the sprayer. Go over the framed area you already painted to get into the crevices.



Let the screen dry and you're done!



Apply using even strokes with your arm. If you don't, the paint will go on uneven and have drip marks.

This rattan screen is such a gorgeous piece and now with this glossy navy blue color from Behr, it is exactly what our room needed. I love the impact it makes!


I love the impact my painted screen makes!

Since we rent this house, I am not able to paint the walls, so I love that I can get more of the look of color on my wall in a large moveable piece like this folding screen painted in my favorite color.

Generally, we keep our folding screen by our front door. The screen gives such a pretty textured look to the space.

When we have guests over, we move it over to hide our master bedroom door. I have always hated the location of our bedroom door in our living room. When people are over and I have to go in there to get something, I'm always trying to just slip in and out. With the screen here, it helps me to separate the space much better.

Pretty and functional. Just what I love in pieces I select for our home!

So when you are out at a thrift store or flea market, keep a piece like this in mind because you can get big impact with Behr paint to transform a room!

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