Three cans of Behr paint with maroon colored background Three cans of Behr paint with maroon colored background

BEHR MARQUEE® Exterior Paints

Adhesion • Fade Resistance • Flexibility
One Coat Coverage in 700+ colors*
Our best, most durable paint is even more flexible with better adhesion and offers true color endurance so you can enjoy the results for years to come.

Available in Three Finishes


This paint & primer in one provides a tough, non-stick surface that helps resist dirt build up, while its powerful UV protection helps resist fading.
Combine those attributes with early rain resistance, stain-blocking, antimicrobial-mildew resistant finish, exceptional gloss retention, and low temperature application,
and you can see why MARQUEE is backed with a lifetime limited warranty. MARQUEE Paint will beautify your home and keep it that way, year after year.

A house painted green


Find the perfect colors for your home with ColorSmart by BEHR® and Paint Your Place®. Get inspired by our 2019 Color Trends Palette.


Getting Started

Quality paint tools deliver quality results. Invest in top-quality brushes and rollers for a seamless finish. Premium lint rollers do not shed or release lint into the paint film as you go, enhancing your overall paint experience and the end result.

Main Points

  • Surfaces must be previously painted
  • Select MARQUEE Exterior Paint & Primer
  • Tint the base (ULTRA PURE WHITE®, medium or deep) with an exclusive MARQUEE color or from a selected number of colors from other BEHR palettes
    Note: ULTRA PURE WHITE must be tinted with a color for the one-coat hide
  • Use quality rollers and brushes
  • Work in small 3' x 3' foot sections
  • Heavily saturate the roller
  • If you hear a sticking sound while painting - reload the roller
  • Don't spread the paint too thin - let the thicker coat provide the coverage
  • Make sure the 3' x 3' section is completely covered before beginning a new section
  • Maintain a wet edge for an even finish

Which Product is Right for You?

BEHR makes highly rated, award-winning paints, stains, and more that deliver superior value at every price point so everyone can transform their space into the look they want with the colors they love.