Our console table was in need of a little TLC so I took it from drab to classy in just a few easy steps.

By Kristin Salazar

| My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

console table before and after new paint

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gray paint being applied with mini rollerI love painting furniture, it is so much more cost-effective than buying a new piece of furniture. When you makeover an old piece, chances are that piece of furniture has a story behind it, which makes it even more meaningful.

Over the past few years I have been softening items in the home with paint. The bones of the home are very dark (wood floor, iron stair railing, iron door, etc.) so I try to keep the items that are brought into the home light and airy.

I love that when I make changes to a room, I can take out my paint brush and easily change pieces to coordinate with a new color scheme. When people ask what my style is, I tell them it is rustic-elegant. I love it because I can mix old with new.

Dark Granite was the perfect gray to compliment the interior of our home.


First, take off the handles and give everything a good wipe down with some warm soapy water.

Since this piece had already been painted before, I did not need to sand it. However, if you are working with raw wood, I would want to make sure the paint would adhere well by sanding it down first.

Paint the first coat of paint onto the table. I used the 2" angled paint brush for the spindle legs and the mini foam roller for the table top and sides. When using the paint brush, I simply smoothed it out with the roller where needed. Let it cure for 4-5 hours.

Apply the second coat using the same process as for the first coat. Let dry overnight.




Paint can take up to 21 days to be completely cured so keep that in mind before you start using it.




Since the table will be in a pretty high traffic area, I finished it off with two coats of Polycrylic which left it with a sleek appearance and it dries to a nice hard finish!

I simply applied one coat of the protective finish and let it dry for at least two hours. Repeat this process with one or two more additional coats.


I love how smooth and uniform the finish is, so much more classier!

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