Say Hello to the BEHR® Simple Pour Lid

...and goodbye to messy pouring. The BEHR® Simple Pour Lid requires no paint key to open and comes with an attachable spout for a more precise pour, every time.

The Future of Painting is Simple.

The BEHR® Simple Pour Lid is designed with your painting convenience in mind.

How to use:

Remove the cap

Make a quarter-turn counter-clockwise to remove the cap.

Alternative cap removal

Spout can be used to remove cap when turned upside down.

Install the Simple Pour Spout

The Simple Pour Spout threads onto the cap with a clockwise turn. Use plastic wings to properly tighten.

Pour the paint into the tray

Pour paint and slowly bring paint can back up to its upright position to avoid any drips.

Remove the spout

After pouring the paint, turn the spout counter-clockwise to remove the spout.

Wash the spout

Wash spout to reuse at a later time.

Secure cap

Reseal the cap by turning it clockwise by hand.