BEHR PRO® Property Owners & Managers Program

As a property owner or manager, you depend on your team to help you keep your properties in good condition, so your tenants remain happy and your property is protected from the elements. We can provide you with a complete team of specialists for your project, including a dedicated BEHR PRO Account Manager, to assist with paint solutions—increasing your team’s size without increasing costs.


Professional services specifically designed for property owners and managers:

A Property Manager showing a BEHR PRO Rep a multi-family complex. The property manager is pointing at something while the BEHR PRO Rep is looking at what she is pointing and taking notes on a laptop.

On-Site Job Walks

Your dedicated BEHR PRO Account Manager will meet you at your job-site to tour the project, inspect substrate condition, photographically document your site, and offer valuable prep and application suggestions.

A collection of BEHR TDS, Drawdowns and Specification documents.

Project Submittal Packages

The Behr submittal process will ensure that you're getting the right painting system for the job. You will have all the documentation you need to get a project approved and moving forward.

A BEHR PRO Hospitality Guide Painting Specifications and Healthcare Facilities Guide Painting Specifications documents on a terrazzo surface.

Specification Services

Get expert advice on, and a complete detailing of, product specifications to make sure every coating meets the exact demand of your project.

An image of a palette of BEHR PRO paint being delivered at a job site.  A Pro Painter is shaking the hand of a BEHR PRO Rep

Job-Site Delivery*

Save time and money by keeping your paint crew on task and on schedule.

*Where available. Some limitations may apply.

Color Services

image of a document that shows 1 building with 3 different colors for comparison.

Digital Color Rendering

See the colors of your property come to life, including different color combinations, to give you visual representation of paint colors applied. The renderings help make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the best paint colors for your property.

A close up image of a BEHR Color Board. The Board has images of a property with different color palettes for comparison.

Color Boards

Perfect for showcasing color schemes and palettes, these 20" x 30" boards are an impactful way to share the color story of a project with all stakeholders through paint chips and digital renderings.

A layout of 3 drawdowns with different colors.

Full-Size Drawdown Samples

If you need to show color to your clients in a larger size than a paint chip, we offer full-size drawdowns to help better visualize each color on any given project.

To learn more about the BEHR PRO Property Owners & Managers Program, contact a dedicated BEHR PRO Account Manager at 877-776-3961

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