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BEHR® Microlon® rollers combine the high carrying capacity of a traditional microfiber roller and the ultra-smooth finish of a traditional woven roller. Specifically engineered to use with all paints and stains on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. Rollers are constructed with a double-thick polypropylene core that resists water, solvents, and cracking.

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3 pack of microlon rollers


Resists shedding for an ultra-smooth finish.

Best For Use In

7/16-inch nap is ideal for walls, ceilings, and floors with smooth to semi-smooth surfaces.


Holds more paint for excellent coverage.

  • Pre-wet roller cover before use. This will help prime the roller for paint and remove any loose fibers from the roller cover. To pre-wet, dip roller cover into a water-filled bucket or lightly run it under the sink. Attach it to your paint frame and spin out the water until the roller cover is slightly damp. Always pre-wet roller covers with the same type of liquid you use on your project. Pre-wet with water for water-based coatings and pre-wet with mineral spirits for oil-based coatings.
  • To load, firmly roll the roller into the well of the paint-filled tray and back to the roll off area. Repeat this back and forth motion until the roller is sufficiently coated and just short of dripping.
  • To paint, begin in corner, by making a “V” figure 1 ½ feet by 2 feet. Go back and fill in “V”, then continue working from dry into wet areas. While painting, maintain a wet edge and apply minimal pressure to the roller to ensure the roller does not dry out.
  • Once a section is complete, lightly back roll to lay off the paint and create a consistent finish across your project.

To Clean:

  • Remove cover from frame immediately after use.
  • WATER-BASED PAINTS: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse, dry.
  • OIL-BASED PAINTS: Rinse in recommended solvent. Wash in warm soapy water, rinse, dry. DO NOT SOAK IN WATER OR SOLVENT.

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  • Roller Length: 9"
  • Nap Size: 7/16"
  • Fabric Type: Microfiber
  • Surface Type: Smooth & Semi-Smooth
  • Ideal Projects: Walls, Ceilings & Floors
  • Paint Type: All Paints & Stains

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What sheen do I need?
8 Oz. Sample
1 Gallon
1 Quart
5 Gallon
The following product(s) is required to properly prep uncoated and previously coated concrete surfaces.
Required product
The following product(s) is required to properly prep uncoated and previously coated concrete surfaces. Only available in store at Home Depot.
Required 3rd party product
The 9 in. x 1/4 in. Polyester Adhesive Roller Cover has a hard texture, making it ideal for applying all types of adhesives to smooth surfaces. It can be used for stippling and applying sand paints.
The following product(s) is recommended when a topcoat clear finish is desired.
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