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BEHR® 2025 Commercial Color Forecast
No Clear Boundaries

As the design world continues to evolve in 2024 and beyond, there’s a fluidity in how we live, play, and work. This post-COVID era is reshaping the way we occupy spaces, bringing more flexibility into the conversation. Multifunctional spaces are more prominent than ever as we break through traditional norms and create areas that offer both productivity and pause.


BEHR® 2025 Commercial Color Forecast

In today’s commercial landscape, there are no clear boundaries. From home-inspired workspaces to luxe recreational facilities, the lines are blurred in how spaces are defined. This trend served as the inspiration behind our BEHR® 2025 Commercial Color Forecast, which reflects the rising design movement of blurring boundaries between past and future, timeless and modern, and technology and nature.


The five themes in this palette are a nod to the fluid world we live in, with colors ranging from neutral to bold, traditional to grandiose, and cool to warm tones. Each subpalette has versatility for a wide range of uses in both residential and commercial spaces.


Limitless Whites

White paint colors are often the foundation for a project and a canvas for boundary blurring. These warm hues are versatile, approachable, and barely there. Use them to visually soften surfaces and textures to create effortless style.




Blurring the boundaries between business and leisure, these colors are adventurous and travel inspired. The bright pops of color are indicative of the hues we find in nature with familiar mid-tones that inspire creativity and evoke joy.




These colors are neutral and nuanced with a sense of healing and connection. The earthen mid-tones blur the boundaries between today and tomorrow’s neutrals with a lived-in and memorable quality.




Timeless meets luxury in these rich, deep hues. The bold colors are versatile and sophisticated, grounding spaces with premium, aged quality.




Blur the lines of the physical and digital world with this AI-inspired palette. Powdery pastels are anchored by dark and light pops of colors to create surface dimension and soften contemporary, technologically forward spaces.



Commercial Color Forecast Workshop

The colors in this palette were largely inspired by our first-ever Commercial Color Forecast Workshop held at our Southern California headquarters. Six commercial designers from various commercial backgrounds came together to explore the driving influences behind color and trends alongside Behr color experts in this immersive in-person experience. The designers also curated palettes based on industry trends and their own insights and expertise. The emerging themes from the workshop were the basis for the 2025 Commercial Color Forecast palette direction.



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