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BAMM Renovation Group Revitalizes Avanti International Resort with BEHR® Paint

Born from the aftermath of the 2008 real estate crash, BAMM Renovation Group has been providing hotel renovation services for over 15 years. Joe Hernandez, founder and owner, started his career in hotel renovation in 2005 at Westgate Resorts, where he developed a passion for rejuvenating old properties. Soon after, he started his own venture and has since developed a comprehensive in-house renovation program with complete turn-key services.


Joe Hernandez, Founder & Owner of BAMM Renovation Group
Joe Hernandez, Founder & Owner of BAMM Renovation Group


In the hotel industry, the exterior appearance of a hotel stands as a crucial element that requires periodic updates. Trends in aesthetics and design shift every 5-7 years, influencing guest expectations and shaping competitive landscapes. One of the company’s most notable renovations was a 150,000 square foot exterior paint transformation of Avanti International Resort in Orlando, Florida in 2023. This resort faced a significant challenge with an outdated and unattractive color scheme that did not align with current hospitality design trends. BAMM Renovation Group, driven by their passion for hotel transformations, recommended a complete color change at the resort to refresh the exterior appearance and create a contemporary and appealing destination for guests. By updating the exterior, it not only enhanced curb appeal but also reinforced brand identity for the hotel.


Avanti International Resort Exterior
Exterior Painting


For the paint, the team chose KILZ 2® ALL-PURPOSE Primer and BEHR PRO® e600 Exterior Paint for superior hide and a uniform finish that lasts.


BEHR PRO e600 Exterior Paint on Jobsite
BEHR PRO® e600 Exterior Paint


Working closely with designers, brand specialists, and compliance officers, the selected BEHR® Paint colors were as follows:

  • Sand Drift N310-1 (Body Color): Sand Drift provided a fresh and clean canvas for the resort’s exterior, creating a modern and elegant look.
  • Woodland Sage HDC-NT-01 (Doors): Woodland Sage was used for the doors, adding a touch of sophistication and contrast to the overall design.
  • Arrowhead N320-6 (Roof Line and Accent): Arrowhead was added to the roof line and accent areas, introducing a warm and welcoming element to the resort’s exterior.
  • Portuguese Dawn S160-4 (Numbers): Portuguese Dawn was used for the numbers, adding a pop of color and a sense of vibrancy to the resort’s façade.


Before Shot of Avanti International Resort


After Shot of Avanti International Resort


The transformation of Avanti International Resort was a resounding success. The collaboration between BAMM Renovation Group and Behr Paint Company took a challenging hospitality renovation and successfully revitalized it into a modern and visually appealing destination. The selected BEHR Paint colors breathed new life into the property, aligning well with current hospitality design trends and making it more inviting to guests for years to come.



Images courtesy of BAMM Renovation Group.
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