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BEHR DYNASTY® Exterior Paint
Now for Your Clients' Exteriors

As a professional painter, you know your crew’s exterior paint job has to withstand the elements to create a lasting impression on your clients and your business. But life happens and painted surfaces can take a beating through the years. Introducing BEHR DYNASTY® Exterior Paint. This exterior paint combines an advanced formula with exterior performance that lasts, including unparalleled 10-year color fade protection*, early rain resistance, and low-temperature application. Get ready to impress with Behr Paint Company’s most revolutionary exterior product yet.


House painted with DYNASTY EXTERIOR Paint


What Makes BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint Different from Other Paints?

This revolutionary paint takes exterior performance to the next level. It’s the most fade-resistant paint Behr has ever delivered before, with innovative 10-year color fade protection* to keep color and exterior surfaces looking newer longer. Whether you’re painting in the blistering sun or cold temperatures, your client won’t have to worry about their exterior paint job fading. And you can be confident knowing your work will maintain its vibrant and fresh appearance, leaving your clients happy and satisfied.


Performance Features of BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint

  • 10-Year Color Fade Protection*


    • Your project will still maintain its vibrance – even with challenging UV sun exposure – without having to stress about your paint fading. With its 10-year color fade protection*, this paint keeps colors looking rich, bold, and new and features over 800 colors in the DYNASTY EXTERIOR 10-Year Color Fade Protection palette.


  • Early Rain Resistance


    • The advanced formula behind BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint lets you paint despite what the weather forecast might say. It resists rain as early as 60 minutes after application, so if there’s imminent rain approaching later in the day, you can still confidently paint in the morning knowing your paint job will be protected from rain later on.


  • Application as Low as 35°F


    • No need to wait out the elements with BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint. Now you can extend your painting season and apply this paint in temperatures as low as 35°F, giving you additional flexibility to paint during various climates.


  • Early Block Resistance


    • Not only can BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint be applied to exterior walls, but this paint is also ideal for use on cabinets, doors, and windows with its early block resistance. This gives your clients a quick return to service, keeping painted surfaces from sticking together in just 4 hours**.


BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint is the most advanced exterior coating Behr offers. Learn more on, available exclusively at The Home Depot.



*Valid only when tinted to colors from the BEHR DYNASTY® specially curated Exterior Color Fade Protection Palette. Based on predictive lab testing with a color shift less than Delta E of 5 as measured by CieLAB. A primer coat may be needed. Two coats of BEHR DYNASTY Exterior Paint are recommended for optimal durability. Individual results may vary. See back label instructions for details. Behr Paint Company can provide project-specific warranties. Ask your BEHR PRO Rep for details. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to or cover BEHR DYNASTY 10-Year Color Fade Protection or professional projects.


**Darker colors may require additional dry time. Longer dry time required in cooler temperatures and higher humidity.
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