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Top 15 White Behr Paint Colors
White Paints Your Clients Will Love

White — it’s easily the most popular color in the paint industry, yet some regard it as a simple, no-nonsense hue. Take a moment to consider the exhaustive number of words (many contradictory) we use to describe white — peaceful, energetic; icy, cozy; casual, elegant; bright, subtle; timeless, modern — the list goes on. If for this reason, alone, it’s apparent that white is anything but basic!


And that’s just the beginning! Fact is, no white is precisely “white.” In the coatings industry, we use terms such as “pure white,” “off-white” and simply “white,” to name a few. Also, keep in mind that color subtleties and undertones — such as pink, green or blue, yellow and gray — can profoundly affect a white’s visual temperature.


  • Cool hues add a crisp, airy and bright feel to a room. In addition, they create a sense of openness, which can make a space appear larger.
  • Warm whites feel welcoming and understated, and these cozy whites are ideal for creating a relaxed, inviting room.


But hold on. There’s more! Be sure to consider how other dynamics — such as gloss/sheen level, time of day, adjacent paint colors, and lighting variations — can significantly alter a white. Finding the right white is a tricky process, indeed.


So, when you sit down with a client, thumbing through a fan deck and contemplating the wonderful world of white, remind them (and yourself!) that the search for their ultimate white is a journey. The reward? The look on their faces when they find the one — everyone wins!


To help you help your clients discover the white of their dreams, here are Behr Paint Company’s 15 most-often-specified white paints for commercial and residential projects, including five colors from our new Designer Collection.


Whipped Cream DC-001

Underscored by hints of blue and gray, Whipped Cream is an exquisite cool white that naturally balances most neutrals, as well as blues and purples. Whipped Cream is an attention-grabbing hue and yet, it never comes across as overwhelming. Rather, it emanates a sense of synchronicity that allows it to complement any room — especially bedrooms and entryways. Just like a fresh sweet dollop on your favorite dessert, Whipped Cream is a delectable white that invites a playful lightness into your home.


Comparable to Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace*


Blank Canvas DC-003

Crisp and clean, Blank Canvas — with its soft lime undertones — is a popular and highly adaptable white that shows beautifully on walls, trim, cabinets, and other millwork. You’re the artist with Blank Canvas—a hopeful and welcoming white with limitless possibilities to transform any vision into a reality.


Comparable to Benjamin Moore’s White Dove*


Swiss Coffee 12

Swiss Coffee — A Behr favorite for decades, this classic, creamy white has an 84 light reflectance value (LRV) and is great for both exterior and interior uses.


Polar Bear 75

With a 90 LRV and a homey, warm-peach undertone, it’s easy to see why Polar Bear, a winter-inspired, milky-white neutral, is so prevalent. Polar Bear cozies ups walls, trim, and ceilings perfectly, providing an impeccable backdrop for turning your vision into reality.


White 52

A tad darker than our truest white — ULTRA PURE WHITE®White is our refreshing, somewhat cool take on this classic hue. With an 83 LRV, highly versatile White elevates any project to the next level.


Frost 57

A trend-defying neutral, Frost is a cool (but not too cool!) shade that fosters a bright, open feel, making it a great choice for walls or trim — especially in smaller spaces. At first glance, it may appear to be a minimalist white but tinges of blue-green give Frost a distinct energy.


Whisper White HDC-MD-08

Dancing the line between white and off-white, Whisper White is a hushed, yet bright, color amplified by slight cream and beige undercurrents. While Whisper White leans toward the warmer side, it steers clear of yellow influences, which means it’ll pair well with just about anything!


Bakery Box W09

Bakery Box is a blue-white hue that softens and delights any environment. Its cool undertone creates the optical illusion of a crisp, airy white and provides a sense of cleanliness. It works great with southern or afternoon western light.


 Cameo White MW3-32

Cozy and versatile, Cameo White is an understated, dusty off-white highlighted by warm, light-golden tones. Creating a sophisticated yet easy-going atmosphere, Cameo White inspires family and friends to feel welcome. In addition, Cameo White provides one-coat coverage when tinted to colors from the BEHR DYNASTY® and BEHR MARQUEE® One-Coat Hide Color Collection.


Bit of Sugar PR-W14

Bit of Sugar is a true neutral, neither too hot nor too cold — it’s just right. With an 89 LRV, this hue boasts soothing silver-gray tones. Consider suggesting Bit of Sugar throughout an entire space to create a continual warm, inviting atmosphere. And, if your client enjoys basking in an ethereal glow, mention that, with a high gloss, Bit of Sugar emits an iridescence that will turn heads!


Nano White HDC-MD-06

A pure white that simply oozes self-confidence, Nano White has a little bit of a blue undertone, which makes it a nice sharp white without being too glaring. A superb hue for creating crisp, clean walls, trim, and ceilings. Moreover, Nano White simply shines as a supporting player to bold, bright palettes.


Painter’s White PPU18-08

If timeless charm captivates your client, look no further than Painter’s White! This soft gray-white tone radiates a welcoming, refreshing energy, indoors or out. Depending on the lighting, Painter’s White can waver between warm and cool, making it an excellent choice for walls and trim, especially in rooms with dark floors.


Silky White PPU7-12

Echoing the contentment of sinking into a cozy bed on a chilly eve, Silky White is rooted in warmth and comfort, while embracing modernistic cool. This creamy white paint — kissed gently by touches of gray — is a balanced shade that enriches almost any color scheme.


Smoky White BWC-13e

Smoky White — a versatile off-white with a dusty undertone — imparts an understated elegance and warmth to any project. Highlighted by the precise amount of creaminess that looks remarkable on walls, trim, and cabinets, Smoky White is a soft hue that conveys purity and serenity and works well either as a standalone or as a supporting neutral.


Arcade White GR-W08

Reminiscent of the first signs of spring, Arcade White features refined hints of green, bringing a serene, refreshing feeling into a room.


Custom Color-Matching


Perhaps your client has a specific color in mind? If so, bring their source of inspiration to The Home Depot®. Whether it’s a 1×1-inch color sample, a paint chip from a surface, a piece of fabric, a competitor’s paint swatch or even leftover paint — we’ll match it! The color of your client’s dreams is the color they’ll get.


See all our white colors here.


*Behr’s comparable color to Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore colors, which are trademarks of its respective owner and is being used for identification purposes only. BEHR® Paint has created a comparable color using industry standard technology.
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