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Boost Your Client’s Resale Value with an Eye-Catching Front Door
The Perfect Hue Can Create a Profitable First Impression

When putting a home up for sale, owners typically search for ways to spruce up their property so they can garner the highest price possible. Of course, most don’t want to spend a lot of money and they expect a solid return on investment. One of the easiest, most cost-effective options is to re-energize their home with a fresh, updated coat of paint — not only inside but outside, as well. Why?


Curb appeal… and it’s a big deal!


When homebuyers come calling, the first (and highly influential) visual they encounter is a property’s exterior. Curb appeal is important because it evokes an instantaneous reaction, as the outside aesthetic often indicates what one may find inside.


Yet, when the time comes for renovations, many homeowners underestimate the aesthetic (not to mention, financial) value of giving their home’s exterior a facelift. Instead, they tend to focus their time, effort — and a lot of money — on interior projects such as kitchen and bath remodels, primary bedroom redesigns and room additions. While such upgrades also boost value, it is important to keep the outside as alluring as the inside — especially if your client is looking to put their home on the market.


Remember, selling a home is all about first impressions, and a property’s curb appeal can either entice or dissuade potential buyers in a matter of seconds. Upping your client’s exterior game is not about spending a lot of money but how effectively their investment increases their home’s perceived value. Therefore, consider suggesting they spruce up the exterior element that delivers the greatest impact but will not break the bank — the front door!


A 2021 Zillow survey revealed that the color of a home’s front door can not only influence the number and strength of incoming offers, but also how long a home may sit unsold. Case in point, Zillow reported that respondents were willing pay an additional $1,695 for a residence with a slate blue door and a whopping $6,449 more for a home with a black door. On the other hand, some colors can deflate the value and selling price. You may want to steer your clients away from using pale pink, for example, as survey participants would only be willing to offer $6,516 below average price.


Classic front door colors like red and brown remain popular but, thanks to Pinterest, people are getting more adventurous with hues such as orange and yellow — and moving away from the grays that have dominated the residential market in the last decade. At the same time, be careful your client does not go over-the-top. Remember: the door color should be attention-grabbing but not so wild that a buyer sees it and thinks that the first thing they must do is repaint.


If your client is in search of inspiration, here are Behr’s Top Front Door Paint Colors!



Sophisticated and dramatic, Black is as pure and dark as it gets — an elegant, timeless color with vast character and infinite depth.

Front door featuring Behr color BLACK


Half Sea Fog (N470-3)

This quiet blue-gray is inspired by ethereal coastal mists, creating an enigmatic blend of mystery and calm.

Front door featuring Behr color Half Sea Fog


Juniper Berries (PPU13-02)

Juniper Berries is a deep, shadowy blue-green — like the quiet of winter.

Front door featuring Behr color Juniper Berries


Red My Mind (MQ1-10)

An exquisite, earthy red that never leaves you guessing, Red My Mind is the perfect bold hue for attracting attention!

Front door featuring Behr color Red My Mind


Dark Truffle (PPU5-19)

This decadent chocolate hue invigorates the senses and has a lingering, luxurious appeal with its shadowy cool undertones.

Front door featuring Behr color Dark Truffle


Compass Blue (MQ5-54)

Your client will always find their way home with Compass Blue, an inky navy that evokes the spirited adventure of navigation and wanderlust — infinitely bold and harmonious.

Front door featuring Behr color Compass Blue


Black Evergreen (MQ6-44)

Dramatic and refined, Black Evergreen encapsulates the beauty of shaded groves or fern-lined caverns. It’s rustic yet timeless.

Front door featuring Behr color Black Evergreen


Adirondack Blue (N480-5)

Part of the BEHR® DESIGNER COLLECTION palette, this stable and reassuring slate blue echoes the calm respite of natural settings and refined sophistication.

Front door featuring Behr color Adirondack Blue


Swiss Coffee (12)

Part of the BEHR® DESIGNER COLLECTION palette, Swiss Coffee is a warm white with an unmistakable cream base, like delicious, warm creamy coffee on a cold winter morning.

Front door featuring Behr color Swiss Coffee


Celebration (MQ4-13A)

Start the party with this bright mustard tone — a celebration that brings a unique, pop of energy and fun to any front entry.

Front door featuring Behr color Celebration


While the front door isn’t the largest area in the grand scheme of a property, it’s a highly influential component that could impact how long your client’s home remains on the market, as well as the final selling price. When choosing an exterior paint product, consider BEHR PREMIUM® Cabinet, Door & Trim Enamel. The paint provides all-weather protection and outstanding block resistance, giving your client a beautiful end result and quick return to service. As a professional painter, your clients look to you for expert advice — and you can count on the Behr team to support you. If you have any questions or could use some guidance, please contact us. You can find a BEHR PRO® Rep here.

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6 responses to “Boost Your Client’s Resale Value with an Eye-Catching Front Door”

  1. Hector Mora says:

    Yes, it gives a lot of info, but didn’t answer my question.

    I’m not planing in changing color, only on doing maintenance: I know that the main entrance door have to be repainted, my problem is that I don’t know the type of paint that was originally used.
    I’m the owner and I bought it new.

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    • Riley Shear says:

      Hi Hector,

      Consider sanding the area to be repainted, wipe the dust with a damp rag, and then apply a new coat of BEHR DYNASTY® Exterior Paint in semi-gloss in the desired color.

      If you have additional questions, please contact your local BEHR Pro Rep.

      The BEHR PRO Team

  2. Mariya says:

    Hi I’m looking to paint my front door , inside doors and pantry
    Can you suggest me a bold luxury look colors
    I wanted to go with a black look with golden knobs but just confused can you help me out

  3. Joan says:

    Red brick house, dark brown metal roof, white windows
    Need paint suggestions for exterior door, side lights, garage door

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