Chalk Decorative Paint: Jewelry Box Makeover




A jewelry box that is painted with Behr decorative chalk paint. The jewelry box is sitting on a table with a vase filled with flowers sitting next to it.
We found this jewel of a jewelry box at a second-hand store. We marveled at the good shape the drawers were in, the fact that it had a darling, secret compartment, and a functioning music box in the back.  The color, however…. we’ll let you see for yourself.
To complete this project you will need the following:
Tools and Materials:
Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint -color Tin White BCP08
A decor piece to be painted (can be a new or old piece)
Behr® Wax Decorative Finish in Dark
Clean rag for wax application
Sandpaper or a sanding block
We love an antiqued, time-worn look, but solid brown just wasn’t doing it for us.  Enter Behr@ Chalk Decorative Paint and get ready for the magic to happen.
The before picture of the jewelry box prior to painting it. The box is old looking and brown color.
Step 1: Prepare for painting
Clean your piece free of residual dust, dirt, and grime with a gentle cleaning solution.  When dry, lightly sand the piece and wipe free of sanding dust.
A person using sandpaper to remove the sheen from the original jewelry box.
Step 2: Paint
Paint your piece in the color of your choice.  Yes, you can paint right over the handles! Just be sure to prop them up so they don’t adhere to the piece body. Allow to dry and apply a second coat if necessary/desired.
A person with a paint brush painting the jewelry box using Behr decorative chalk paint in a white color.
Step 3: Apply wax
With a rag, apply the wax to your piece. Use a bit more wax over the details and into the corners of the piece to create an antiqued look.
A person applying Behr decorative wax with a rag to the painted box.
Step 4: Enjoy
Place your now stunning piece in its new home, fill with your treasures, and enjoy.
The jewelry box completed. It is white and has a tough of soft brown around the edges giving it a new but antique look.
An image of a bedroom corner with a desk and chair. The jewelry box is sitting on the desk with a vase of flowers a makeup bag and a picture frame.
For more information on the Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint System click here!
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  • Ester says...

    I love Behr paints!

  • Eleni says...

    Woah, never thought to make my own jewelry box but now, considering how great it looks, I will give it a try. I doubt it will look as nice as yours, though.

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Eleni, thank you for visiting our blog!

      It will come out great as well!
      Happy Painting,
      Colorfully Yours.

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