This shows a living room setting with mid century modern style with a leather sofa with pillows, wooden chair with fur seat and a blanket throw hanging off and a wooden console decorated with a lamp plant and books. 
The walls are painted in a soft white that is Painter's White and a accent wall in Red Pepper.

Major living spaces like bedrooms and kitchens are often the first areas to be transformed, but when was the last time you thought about painting your attic, laundry room or the area under your staircase? These niche spaces found throughout your home provide a great opportunity to add a pop of color and a bit of functionality, but are often overlooked for the stylish update they deserve. With a little planning and some imagination, you can reclaim these spaces and have even more places to love.

A well light up attic that was made into a small room. 
Making it even more lively the walls are painted in Painter's White. There are cathedral ceilings which are slanted triangle ceiling.  The bed is in a small nook area and there is a side table.

Attics are often thought of as dreary, dark rooms meant for extra storage. How about transforming it into a peaceful, personal space instead? By using a soft, relaxing tone such as Light Drizzle N480-1, Dusty Lilac N110-1 or Painter’s White PPU18-08, the room will feel more open and calm. Perfect for an in-home, tranquil getaway.

Detail photo of geometric pillows in gray tones and a yellow pillow. This image also shows a window sill with small plants.

Another often overlooked space in our homes are empty corners. These areas can be easily transformed into small cozy nooks for reading, studying, journaling or simply scrolling through your news feeds on social media. Just grab a comfortable chair, soft pillows, a textured throw and a warm-toned paint color to create a fresh new nook. Personally, I love Battleship Gray N360-4 for small niche areas like this because the color provides warmth, coziness and a peaceful vibe.

This is a laundry painted in Charismatic. There are stainless steel washer and dryer stacked on top one each other. 
This laundry room is also a doggy room. There is a half dresser with only one drawer and the bottom is open for doggy, and his bed. 
There are decorative items as well in this room.

Who says laundry rooms have to be plain? Not me! Consider livening up your laundry room with a warm-toned, punchy color like Charismatic PPU6-14, making it a room where you actually want to spend time. Colors like this one invoke energy for those long laundry days, and create a stylish look, especially alongside fun accessories like vintage baskets, bowls and decorative hampers.  

It’s time to start exploring new territory in your home by taking back living space in your small niche areas. After all, small spaces can make big impacts! Join me for the BEHR Color Clinic, October 10-11 on the Behr Facebook Page. I’ll be answering your paint questions LIVE to help you find the perfect paint color for the small spaces in your home.

For more color and design inspiration, visit our Color Studio on behr.com.

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  • Andrea Lecannon says...

    I’ve been buying tons of paint samples trying to find the right color for my living room. I’ve found that the color Perfect Taupe has the best undertones, but the shade is a little too dark. Is there a paint color with matching undertones but 1 or 2 shades lighter? Most of the taupes I’m finding to have the wrong undertones for my space, but any paint with true grey tone is too blue.

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Andrea, thank you for visiting our blog!
      One to two shades lighter than Perfect Taupe is – Graceful Gray PPU18-12 and Chic Gray PPU26-10.
      Colorfully Yours,

  • Jen says...

    Am I that daft? I can’t seem to find the name/# of the very top color, the cut out under the stairs. I absolutely love it, please share. Crossing my fingers it’s still an available color, many thanks!

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Jen, thank you for visiting our blog!
      That color is Red Pepper PPU2-02. Color is still available at you local Home Depot.

      Colorfully Yours,

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