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2023 Color of the Year: Blank Canvas

BEHR’s 2023 Color of the Year is Blank Canvas – a soft white hue with a warm undertone. Its versatility can create a welcoming and bright environment with its light, balanced, and hopeful aura.


Blank Canvas lets you redefine and renew your space. With a touch of creamy undertone, this off-white hue has a drop of the palest yellow without being too warm or too cool and gives a nearly neutral base for an entire world of possibilities. We love how it brings both a comforting and calming appeal to refresh any residential or commercial space.


Blank Canvas white paint color


Whether you’re designing a welcoming and bright workspace or creating a distinctive multi-family look, Blank Canvas offers a clean, simple, and pleasing hue. The color is full of inspiration, bringing in a sense of light and radiance while easily complimenting existing tones.


workspace photo


Multi-Family exterior building featuring blank canvas


In healthcare, this welcoming hue brings a sense of wellbeing to create a more restorative environment.


Healthcare consultation space featuring blank canvas


In the home, Blank Canvas offers a serene oasis, bringing harmony and balance to spaces with its ability to be versatile and complement existing furniture and fixtures.


Residential living room featuring blank canvas


In hospitality environments, Blank Canvas can refresh and revive the space to give a renewed look and feel.


Restaurant and bar in a hospitality space featuring Blank Canvas


So, what’ll it be? Renewal or simplicity, invigoration or peace? This hue is perfectly suited in so many ways. Blank Canvas offers limitless ways to transform a vision into reality, from rebalancing a commercial office to adding wellness to healthcare to bringing a calming ambiance to a home.


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