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Market Your Business with BEHR® Co-Branded Marketing Materials

Marketing materials set your business apart as the experts in your community. When people see branded trucks in the neighborhood and employees wearing apparel with a company logo, you stand out as professionals in the trade. Add printed materials to share with potential customers, and you have the perfect formula for promoting your business. 


But taking the time to write, design, and produce these items takes you away from doing your ultimate priority, serving your customers. So, let Behr Paint Company do it for you. Add the following items to your marketing arsenal in the colors that complement your brand. 


Co-Branded Marketing Materials Available for Painting Professionals 


Make a professional statement when your crew dresses alike in T-shirts that display your company’s name and logo. The apparel also announces to the world that you proudly use premium quality BEHR® Paint. Available in short or long sleeve, wear the shirts everywhere you go to promote your business 24/7. 


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Sell Sheets 

Don’t overwhelm your customers with too much verbal information. Instead, show them at a glance the features and benefits of different products with co-branded sell sheets. These printed materials help you recommend the right BEHR® and KILZ® Products for your customer’s home or office. And when they’re ready with a decision, your contact information is printed on the page for easy access. 




Yard Signs 

Advertise your fantastic work and professional job-site etiquette with yard signs. These co-branded signs tell the neighborhood you use BEHR® Products and how to find you. With your logo and contact information available, neighboring property owners won’t have to stop to ask. But they will stop by to tell you, “Great job!” The signs are available in multiple colors. 



Door Hangers 

Reach out to the neighbors with professionally designed door hangers. When used with yard signs in a residential area, there’s no doubt who’s responsible for the eye-popping home transformation on the corner. Hang these full-color, two-sided door hangers with a list of services you offer.  



Wet Paint Signs 

Protect your work with wet paint signs. Display them prominently around the work area to keep passersby from accidentally touching freshly painted walls, floors, doors, or fences. In addition to informing the world your most recent masterpiece is still wet, these co-branded signs act as a signature, telling everyone who to contact for their next paint project. Wet paint signs are available in various colors to complement your other branded items. 



Job Site Banners 

Let everyone know you’re in the neighborhood with a 4’x6’ co-branded job site banner. Hang the banner outside where you’re working or just completed a job. It’s made from waterproof vinyl to withstand the elements. Add your contact information, so prospective customers know how to reach you. Banners come in several colors to match your other marketing materials.



Vehicle Magnets 

Catch the eye of morning and evening commuters with a co-branded vehicle magnet. Promote your painting business wherever you go–driving the freeway, parked at the grocery store, or watching your child’s ballgame. Our vehicle magnets are available in the same color choices as the other Behr co-branded marketing materials. 



Generate awareness of your business as a proud user of BEHR® Paint. Contact a BEHR PRO® Sales Representative for more details on how you can qualify for promotional discount codes. 


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