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A Hyper-Curated Collection of Our Top White, Neutral and Accent Colors

Choosing the right paint color is a crucial part of any project and often the most difficult. When your clients have difficulty choosing from an endless number of options, they turn to you for guidance. At Behr, we strive to make color selection easier. And it’s part of our mission to bring the best color specification tools in the industry to design professionals like you. So, we’ve created the BEHR® DESIGNER COLLECTION color palette to help with selecting and specifying color for your projects.  


Right Building: MIDNIGHT BLUE N480-7
Left Building: DOVE HDC-MD-21




The BEHR DESIGNER COLLECTION is a hyper-curated color palette that includes 30 top white, neutral and accent colors most recommended by designers. This organized, carefully curated collection features classic hues to make it easy for designers and architects to take on any client project. Whether a family room refresh, a bathroom remodel, or a commercial property renovation, the colors in the BEHR DESIGNER COLLECTION palette are tried-and-true, on-point, and on-trend.

What colors are in the BEHR DESIGNER COLLECTION? 


The 30 colors included in the BEHR DESIGNER COLLECTION palette represent a combination of new and existing BEHR® colors. We chose the existing colors based on our most popular sellers. For example, our iconic Cracked Pepper, an almost black with deeply-hidden blue undertones; the light and airy Dove; and the warm, fresh cream feeling of Cameo White, serve as anchors to the rest of the palette. 


Trim & Rail: WHITE 52


Since the new colors are popular industry-wide, design professionals can now suggest a wider selection of BEHR colors for clients who want classic colors that work with the latest trends. The ten new options include colors like Whipped Cream, a timeless cool white reminiscent of fresh cotton sheets hanging on the line; Gratifying Gray, a gray-blue for anywhere you want to support an elegant style; and Even Better Beige, a versatile neutral that imparts a warm feeling wherever it’s used. 


How will the BEHR DESIGNER COLLECTION serve both residential and commercial applications? 


The BEHR DESIGNER COLLECTION palette includes proven colors curated for every environment type–both residential and commercial–and are suitable for interior and exterior applications. For instance, envision a master bathroom with Winter White walls and Dark Everglade on the cabinetry. Or, picture the striking appearance of an office building with a Midnight Blue and Dove exterior that opens up to a lobby painted Cracked Pepper and Winter White.  


Ceiling: WINTER WHITE DC-004


With the BEHR DESIGNER COLLECTION palette, you can now source creative inspiration from a curated, tried-and-true palette and confidently suggest colors for your clients to approve. You can also streamline your client work by selecting and specifying a color palette using the BEHR® Color System tool, a one-stop color resource to source any color you are envisioning for your client’s project. These tools are intuitively organized by whites, grays, neutrals and colors by hue designed for color selection ease, resulting in a finished product clients will love. 


To view the BEHR® DESIGNER COLLECTION color palette, visit And to learn more about the BEHR® National Architecture & Design program, contact a Behr Architectural & Design Representative today.  


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