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BEHR® BioNature Collection
50 Colors Inspired by Biophilic Design

Throughout time, our relationship with nature has been deeply entwined. Yet, as we’ve evolved into an increasingly urbanized world, a staggering 93 percent of our time is spent indoors (Environmental Protection Agency). With so much time spent inside, we now seek to renew and strengthen our connection to the nourishing, uplifting influences of nature.



In light of this movement, the building industry has turned its focus toward connecting occupants to nature through biophilic design, which seeks to bridge humans and nature in health, wellbeing, and sustainability. This design philosophy incorporates natural elements, such as plants, sunlight, and water into the built environment. In commercial spaces, this practice provides a range of benefits, including increased productivity, reduced stress and anxiety, improved overall health and happiness, and lower energy consumption.


Behr Paint Company is committed to supporting commercial designers in their work and providing high-performance products in a range of colors that create healthy, visually appealing spaces that meet the needs of their clients and end-users. To better understand the needs of today’s commercial designers, Behr spoke with several designers from various market segments to uncover what factors go into choosing and specifying color on their projects.


These findings were the inspiration behind the BEHR® BioNature Collection — a 50-color palette inspired by biophilic design concepts curated to elevate the human experience and infuse wellbeing into every environment.


The carefully curated palette connects outdoors and indoors by embracing elements of nature to achieve an immersive biophilic design experience through color. It comprises five central themes: Refreshing Botanics, Coastal Melody, Soothing Skies, Connected Earth, and Restorative Whites – including 10 popular white colors most often specified on projects. These colors can be applied in various settings, such as workplace, hospitality, multi-family, and healthcare.



Restorative Whites


  • From the snow to the clouds, white colors bring to life a feeling of quiet and stillness. Warm or cool, whites refresh the spirit and revitalize the soul, fostering a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Combine white colors with natural elements — like water features, greenery and natural materials — in workplace and hospitality settings to create a serene experience.



Walls & Ceiling: Blank Canvas DC 00-3


Wall: Winter White DC-004




Soothing Skies


  • Soft apricot, yellow, lilac and blush pastels foster a sense of calm and tranquility, while subtle orange signifies the life-sustaining elements of fresh air and warm sun. Integrate these colors with living walls, organic materials, and natural light to foster an inviting atmosphere in workplace and multifamily environments.


Wall: Aerial View S530-3; Ceiling: White 52


Wall: Sunburst PPU6-03; Ceiling: Polar Bear 75




Connected Earth


  • Organic tones of desert sands, mountain stones, clay, russet, and brown evoke a cozy, stable and timeless spirit. Outdoor spaces like balconies or courtyards with views of nature and natural materials can create a calming and peaceful environment — while indoor spaces surrounded in grounding hues create a soothing setting.


Exterior: Glazed Pot PPU3-15, Gardener’s Soil MQ2-54, & Cotton Grey HDC-NT-20


Walls: Cracked Pepper PPU18-01; Ceiling: Blank Canvas DC-003




Coastal Melody


  • Stormy and tranquil, dazzling and multifaceted, the convergence of land and water conveyed through effortless and fluid blues cultivates a sense of movement, creating a positive and welcoming feel in both interior and exterior spaces.


Accents: Laguna Blue PPU14-18; Walls & Ceiling: Natural White DC-005


Exterior: Tranquil Gray DC-007; Railings: Starless Night PPU14-20




Refreshing Botanics


  • Harnessing the energy of nature, bold green colors invigorate and restore while deep, shadowy hues establish a sense of balance and harmony, creating a healthy and productive environment. Incorporate green hues with natural light in hospitality and workplace environments to reduce stress and increase creativity.



Walls: Boreal N420-5; Accent Wall & Ceiling: Even Better Beige DC-010


Wall: Mountain Olive N350-7A; Ceiling: Silky White PPU7-12



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