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Pro Painters Review BEHR DYNASTY® Interior Paint
Discover How the Product is Put to the Test

When it comes to Behr Paint Company’s interior paint product lineup, BEHR DYNASTY® Interior Paint delivers on all your painting needs. It’s everything your client wants in a paint – with advanced stain repellency, superior scuff and mar resistance, and fast-drying technology. Plus, it offers one-coat hide guaranteed in over 1,000 colors. This revolutionary product is truly the best of BEHR® Paint. But don’t just take our word for it! We partnered with three professional painters to put this product to the test and highlight just how well it performs on the job. Check out their candid reviews below.


Four 5 gallon cans of BEHR DYNASTY® Interior Paint and Primer.


Chris Berry, The Idaho Painter

Chris Berry is a business owner and professional painter enthusiast from Boise, Idaho who’s passionate about educating, empowering and equipping painters to achieve success in the field. He teaches valuable painting tips, tricks and training through his social media platforms and is constantly looking to innovate on the job. We partnered with Berry to share his thoughts on why professionals should choose BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint. He demonstrates how the product successfully covers walls with one coat, hiding existing imperfections with ease and offering a beautiful finish in a fast dry time.


I’ve come across a lot of products that claim to be a one-coat paint in my career…after painting an entire bedroom with it…it performs and acts just as advertised and manages to provide exceptional coverage in a single coat without leaving behind any brush marks, lap marks, or haloing,” Berry proclaims.



Hear his full review below:

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James Mansour, Mansour Valley Painting

James Mansour is the owner of Mansour Valley Painting specializing in exterior and interior residential and small commercial projects in Mesa, Arizona. Dubbed “The Arizona Painter,” Mansour uses the power of social media to build his brand and connect with the professional painting community by educating his followers on proper painting procedures, tools and techniques. We asked Mansour to provide his honest review of BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint and put this product to the test. In his video, he shows how even unwanted colorful scribbles on walls are no problem for BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint.


I’ve used many paints over the years, and I can tell you firsthand now that BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint is everything you want in one can,” Mansour says.



Check out his content here:

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Anthony Pezzotti, Pezzotti Painting

Anthony Pezzotti is the owner of Pezzotti Painting – a residential and commercial painting and drywall company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having been in the field of home improvement for over seven years, Pezzotti is passionate about giving his clients a beautiful result that leaves a lasting impression. We teamed up with Pezzotti to share his candid opinion on BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint and showcase how it can withstand life’s messiest accidents. After painting a wall with one-coat hide color Celebration MQ4-13A, Pezzotti demonstrates how you can throw (literally) everything but the kitchen sink at it and it will maintain its appearance – hot coffee, shoes and all!


This paint has an awesome one-coat hide quality… and excellent coverage. The results speak for themselves,” Pezzotti shares.



Watch the product in action here:

Instagram Reel                TikTok Video



If you haven’t already, see for yourself how BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint performs on your clients’ toughest wall scuffs, marks and stains. Available exclusively at The Home Depot.



Darker colors may require additional dry time between coats. Cooler temperatures or higher humidity may prolong drying time.
Valid only when tinted to colors from the BEHR DYNASTY® & MARQUEE® Interior One-Coat Hide Color Collection. Learn more.


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4 responses to “Pro Painters Review BEHR DYNASTY® Interior Paint”

  1. bob laMay says:

    I am a pro painter myself for over fifty years. I found the comment in the last few lines I read. “darker colors may take a longer dry time between coats” quite interesting. I mean after all weren’t we selling one coat coverage material? I was rather ugh? Thanks Bob L

    • Riley Shear says:

      Hi Bob,

      Thank you for your comment. Not all colors are considered one-coat hide. Generally speaking, darker colors contain more colorants which result in longer drying and curing times.

      The BEHR PRO Team

  2. James aheppeard says:

    The dynasty Behr interior paint leaves brush marks, I have painted cabinets etc. With out brush marks using other paints. So it does not level out right. I will try and dilute it and see.

    • Riley Shear says:

      Hi James,

      Here are some tips to help minimize or avoid brush marks:
      – Use a soft filament brush such as Wooster Pro 100% Nylon and avoid overloading the brush
      – Maintain a wet edge and avoid overworking the paint by brushing back and forth in the same spot
      – Tip off the paint, which means lightly and gently moving the very tip of the brush across the surface to even out the paint (if the bristles are bending, you are pressing too hard)

      For additional questions, please contact a BEHR Pro Rep.

      The BEHR PRO Team

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