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BEHR® Paint Colors Now on Mattoboard
Experience Color and Sheen in 3D

In today’s world, it’s evident that our society is becoming increasingly more digital. From the ever-growing presence of social media to the ongoing movement of working remotely, we rely on digital technologies to communicate, collaborate, and connect. In the architectural and design industry, one company is spearheading this digital shift and revolutionizing the way designers work with materials, products, and now paint colors—completely virtually.


Material Board by Mattoboard


What is Mattoboard?

Introducing Mattoboard – a 3D virtual sampling platform for designers to curate material boards online before ordering physical samples. The web is steadily shifting from 2D to 3D, and there is a significant opportunity for designers and brands to bring efficiency and flexibility to their design processes, creative visualizations, and decision making.


The platform incorporates realistic light and shadow to experience materials, products, and color with enhanced texture and details. These digital representations are called VSamples®, which are high-quality 3D models that accurately represent the physical samples designers use to curate material boards. Designers can play with light and shadow to simulate the materials’ real-life qualities, demonstrating how light hits various surfaces, textures, and even paint sheens. The result is a professional-looking design board that designers can share with their clients or colleagues in seconds through mobile or desktop for an efficient, collaborative experience.


Mood Board featuring BEHR Blank Canvas

Mood Board featuring BEHR Adirondack Blue


Behr Paint Company Joins Mattoboard’s Platform

As the first-ever paint brand on the platform, designers can now curate boards using 1,600+ BEHR® Paint colors organized by the BEHR Color System in six different sheens – flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and hi-gloss. Mattoboard’s advanced technology allows designers to experience sheen digitally like never before by controlling light intensity and positioning on various surfaces for a new way to experience color online. Whether you’re looking to create a timeless and modern appeal in a workplace setting with Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year Cracked Pepper PPU 18-01 or a soft and tranquil aesthetic with best-sellers Natural White DC-005 and Healing Aloe S400-3 for a healthcare environment, the possibilities are endless with no waste in the process. Behr is committed to making meaningful moves towards a sustainable approach to ultimately reduce sample excess and minimize waste.


3D Sheen Representation Featuring BEHR Cracked Pepper

Mood Board featuring BEHR Cracked Pepper


Sustainable Sampling

Physical sampling is often slow for designers who make ideation changes in a matter of seconds. These samples are also in excess and getting lost or piled high in design firms’ sample libraries. The waste is immense and often used for a single time, only to be thrown away or tucked into a material library never to be seen again.


Mattoboard seeks to challenge and change this wasteful practice, stating that:

By adopting Virtual Samples, brands can consciously align themselves with positive change and assure consumers that they are actively addressing waste reduction and shaping a more sustainable future.”


The solution is to implement a digital process to accommodate iterative sampling and fast-paced ideation. With virtual mood boards, designers can endlessly experiment with VSamples and ultimately align with their clients before ordering physical samples and paint chips. When they eventually do order a sample, “it’s because they have conceptual approval, or more confidence and security from the client,” Mattoboard says.


BEHR Paint Colors


Embracing a Digital Future

The future is digital and Mattoboard is at the forefront of shifting the way the interior design industry operates. Now, designers can curate beautiful, realistic material boards with access to thousands of VSamples, including the most accurate 3D digital representation of paint and sheen ever seen before. And by curating and sending boards to clients virtually, designers can save time and money with less physical sample ordering, real-time collaboration, and faster decision-making. Plus, it’s more sustainable and can significantly reduce sample waste. What’s more to like? Start designing today.


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