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Multi-Family Color Collection
New Hues Attract, Keep Quality Residents

Running a successful multi-family property requires focus, patience and often, a knack for juggling changing priorities — from rent collection and property financials; to maintenance and repairs; to staff management, contracts and reports. And then there’s the challenge of attracting new, qualified residents — all while keeping your current residents happy. Phew!


Thankfully, one of the most impactful and cost-effective strategies for drawing prospective residents is keeping your property looking beautiful and contemporary with a refreshing, visually-redefining repaint. While a repaint may seem like a huge project, remember that you’re not alone! You can depend on your team: your property owner and stakeholders, your onsite staff, your painting contractor; and, of course, your Behr Pro Rep.


We understand the multi-family market and know that, with so many options, color selection can feel overwhelming. To make it easier, the multi-family color collection features an array of interior and exterior paint color schemes curated by our experts. This valuable tool allows you to narrow the field with confidence — and get the project rolling.


Pro painter spraying the exterior of a building


Importance of Paint in the Multi-Family Space

It should be no surprise that residents demand a clean, well-kept community, and maintaining and updating its appearance instantly increases its value. Repainting not only beautifies and protects your property, it’s also a perfect opportunity to review, refocus and revitalize your brand and, therefore, draw more qualified prospects. Vacancies will fill faster with less work on your part — everybody wins!


While the rental market has been tight the last few years, new construction — especially larger, multi-unit properties — is already on the rise so it’s a good idea for property managers to be prepared for an increase in inventory and competition.


Grounding, Versatile, Interesting

Change is the rule in the multi-family market, and the following palette examples reflect that diversity:


Interior This versatile palette of warm and cool colors fits the need for comfort and versatility in the multi-family market, as it allows the 30-and-younger tenants the ability to use vibrant décor to personalize their space, while the subdued scheme appeals to older residents.


Image of a kitchen with Behr paint on walls, cabinetry and trim

Walls: Loft Light (MQ3-09)
Cabinetry and Trim: Cameo White (MQ3-32)


Creating a light, yet grounded feel, the walls are Loft Light (MQ3-09), a muted golden hue that feels cozy and familiar — like the warm late-afternoon sun shining through a window.


The cabinetry and trim are Cameo White (MQ3-32), a subtle and dusty off-white that serves as a versatile background.


Welcoming, Impactful, Adaptable

Exterior Without a doubt, your property’s exterior colors make an impression! To create a unique palette that stands out, be sure that the body, trim and accent colors complement each other.


Image of multi-family exterior building featuring Behr paint colors

From Left to Right:
Iron Mountain (N520-5), White 52, Fire Cracker (PPU2-16), Livingston (N330-5)


A deep, neutral gray, Iron Mountain (N520-5) exudes a sophisticated and elegant vibe, especially when combined with White 52, a true, classic white that tilts toward the cooler side.


For a bold statement, try Fire Cracker (PPU2-16) — an orange-tinged brick red that’s sure to turn heads. Add some balance with Ottertail (N220-5), a highly versatile gray-brown.


View the full multi-family interior and exterior palette here.


We’re Here to Help!

From start to finish — and beyond — our team is your team! Behr Pant Company’s knowledgeable experts — including your dedicated Behr Pro Rep — provide invaluable services tailored specifically to meet the diverse needs of property managers, owners and paint contractors.


Onsite Job Walks — Your Behr Pro Rep will meet you at your property for a full tour, inspect substrate conditions, photograph your site, and offer valuable preparation and application suggestions.


Color Services We make your vision come to life!

  • Digital Color Renderings: See the colors of your property in action, including various palette schemes, to give you a tangible representation of the final results. These illustrations help owners and other stakeholders make an informed decision when it comes to approving the best look for your property.
  • Color Boards: An impactful way to present color schemes and palettes with decision-makers, these 20″ x 30″ boards communicate your project’s visual story through color chips and digital renderings.
  • Full-Size Drawdown Samples: If you need to display color options in a larger format, we offer full-size drawdowns that help better visualize each project color.
  • Color Books: Few things are worse than needing to retouch or refresh areas and realizing you don’t recall the type, color or sheen you used. With our Color Books, you will have a complete archive of every color and product used on your project, including coatings, specifications and warranties for future reference.


Specs? We’ve Got You Covered Get expert advice on, and a complete detailing of, product specifications to make sure every coating meets project demands.


Project Spec Packages — We are dedicated to making sure you have everything you need to get your project approved and moving forward. Our comprehensive submittal process ensures that you have the right painting system, as well as all required documentation.


Free Same-Day and Next-Day Job Site Delivery* We are happy to offer to your jobsite, allowing you to save time and money by keeping your paint crew onsite, on-task and on-schedule.


*Where available. Some limitations may apply.
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