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The Power of Teamwork
Case Study: Behr and JML Construction Paint Perfect Partnership

In the world of paint, strong relationships are vital to long-term success — especially when it comes to supply chain. While the contractor/supplier partnership is financially beneficial for both, it’s the human connection that creates a productive and satisfying work environment, as well as benefits such as priority delivery, volume pricing, exclusive offers and referrals. Even better, you have the support of allies who work hard to meet your quotes, provide high-quality products and support, have your back if problems arise and — perhaps — even karaoke with you.


Sound too good to be true? It’s not, but it takes two to make it work — and the “PROmance” between Behr and JML Construction is a prime example of how mutual trust and camaraderie boost business results. Fact is, planning and executing large projects require effective strategy and teamwork, particularly considering recent material shortages — and these two companies have created a solid foundation for success.


Recently, the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) — which is dedicated to the success of more than 300,000 painting contractors across the U.S. and Canada — spotlighted JML’s and BEHR’S thriving partnership in a PCA Overdrive video “Business Anatomy: Team of Leaders.” Find out why JML leadership counts on BEHR PRO to deliver the finest products and materials, as well as how Behr plays a vital role in the planning process. Here’s how it all started:


image of construction site with Team of Leaders headline


 The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Founded in 2011, JML began as a home inspection service, according to Owner Richard Casillas. Over time, the company moved into construction and — before long — started receiving requests for paint bids. Sales Representative Chris Noe connected with Casillas and explained how the Behr team would support JML in this new endeavor.


I’m going to tell you a secret, I hate paint,” Casillas says. “BUT — because of the relationship [with Behr] and… the team we have, paint has become one of the biggest parts of our business.” Noe — who eventually joined the JML team as a project manager — agrees. “JML didn’t do a whole lot of painting. I kind of wrangled [Casillas] in and made him like paint. Now, 60% of our projects are paint related.”


Richard Casillas from JML Construction


BEHR PRO National Account Manager Amber Schmidt explains: “BEHR PRO wants to partner with painters of all sizes, whether it’s a small, residential painter… whether it’s a large commercial painter… we cover all of that. But what you get is a little bit different in terms of the people you’re working with.”


Behr Pro Reps discussing a project


BEHR is a great company to work with,” says JML CFO Luz Fonseca. “Besides the [good] quality, they’re very reliable, very dependable, very personable people — and they’ve been great partners. They help us a lot,” Case in point, Casillas appreciates that Behr keeps JML in mind when opportunities arise. He says, “They approach developers, create that relationship, bring on companies like mine and put them together.”


Luz Fonseca JML CFO


When an opportunity arises, JML doesn’t waste time. In fact, at the time of filming the video, Behr and JML were working hand in glove on a new-construction (full exterior/interior) multi-family project in Orlando, FL. In some cases, JML kicks off the planning phase a year in advance, starting with creating a take-off and ensuring they accurately measure how much paint they need.


“And then we have our partner Behr. They provide us a take-off as well, so it gives us a good comparison to make sure that I’m accurate on a project like one we’re on right now,” Noe says. “We’re using about $160,000 in material, just liquid material itself, and then we’re upward about $50,000 in sundries on top of that — so a miscalculation could really take the profit away.”


Chris Noe and Richard Casillas


Casillas adds, “To be successful, you have to have a good relationship with your suppliers. They know what is coming down the pipeline. They help you protect your business and — at the same time — provide service. [When paint shortages began], we didn’t suffer any of the increases because we already had agreement with Behr.”


As JML’s purchasing manager, Soledad Delarosa knows first-hand about the power of strong vendor relations. “If you treat them with respect, they appreciate that. If they don’t have a product [available], I don’t get mad at them. Can I replace it? Can we do this? Oh yeah, we can replace it,” Delarosa said.


Soledad Delarosa JML Purchasing Manager


Wait! What about karaoke?


BEHR PRO Regional Account Manager David Cofresi shares the story. “We had a networking event… and I ended up singing a ‘Hamilton’ song… well, a few ‘Hamilton’ songs with Richard’s daughter, who also works at JML. That’s one of my favorite Behr/JML stories because… that’s who we are. All of our customers… they are our family.”


David Cofresi, Regional Account Manager, Behr Pro


Casillas sums up his thoughts about JML’s and BEHR’s tight relationship. “This doesn’t pop-up out of nothing. It’s a lot of work,” he says. “We are truly blessed because we have a group of people that we love as family. They are family.”


Team inspecting multi-family building

Watch the full video here: Team of Leaders – PCA Overdrive

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