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Billie & Veronica - pro painters


Billie Machain and Veronica Tucci are no ordinary mother/daughter duo. They set out to accomplish something special – to co-own a painting business together. In 2022, Billie and Veronica started Billie’s Painting Solutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a commercial painting community that specializes in new residential painting from homes to apartments. Since starting their business, they have seen great success, surpassing their first-year goal by 300%. Now you may be thinking, how did this dream team come to be and what’s attributed to their rapid growth? This story is a reminder to dream big and chase your passions no matter the path you take.


Billie Machain has spent over 30 years in the paint industry. She started out stocking paint in a paint store and then landed a subcontracting role doing estimating. With a lot of experience and success under her belt, Billie decided to start her own painting company.


It takes a lot of tenacity [to run a business] … but at all levels, very satisfying because you’re in an industry where I think women can excel,” Machain says.


Veronica, daughter of Billie, took a different career path. While going to school for accounting, she worked for a paint manufacturer to keep herself busy. After working in the paint industry for a while, she needed a change and decided to try sales and management in the insurance industry. Well, you know the saying, “you don’t know a good thing until it’s gone.” A lingering feeling was left inside her as she found herself continually intrigued by ‘what could be’ in paint.


Veronica Tucci working


After listening to her mom’s ongoing success in the industry, Veronica decided to meet with her mother one day for lunch. That’s when Billie asked Veronica to partner with her and own a painting business together.


I was never a risk taker, but this was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. We have the background, passion and tenacity to build and grow an amazing team and business together and we knew we had to take a chance,” Veronica proclaims.


That chance was well worth the risk as they have not only seen financial success but have also grown closer working alongside each other. The close relationship they hold together brings a fresh approach to communication and problem solving, allowing them to creatively approach each project with a familial lens unique to the industry.


They are excited about the future of their business as they enter the residential repaint market and are proud to have a team of only women professional painters on the job.


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