BEHR PREMIUM Chalk Decorative Paint No. 7100

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BEHR PREMIUM Chalk Decorative Paint is an easy way to create a unique and trendy look for a paint project. This simple two-step paint and wax process allows a personal style and vision to come to life, whether for an aged antique look or a vintage modern flair. Behr’s wide variety of paint colors, paired with light sanding or highlighting and BEHR PREMIUM Decorative Waxes, make every application completely tailored to achieve the one-of-a-kind look desired. BEHR PREMIUM Chalk Decorative Paint can be applied over most existing surfaces with very little surface preparation and delivers a smooth matte finish. Perfect for refreshing old and new wooden furniture, cast stone, concrete, and even metal surfaces to create one-of-a-kind accent pieces.

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Smooth matte finish
Best for use in
Old and New Wooden Furniture, Cast Stone, Concrete, and Metal Surfaces
Up to 150 Sq. Ft. per quart

Read important application instructions to ensure optimum paint performance.

Technical Data Sheets

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Product Usage

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from Freezing

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1 HR Dry Time
2 HR Recoat Time

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Up to 150 Sq. Ft.

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Soap & Water

Where to UseBlank space if empty.

Applied over most existing finishes with little surface preparation. Apply to old or new wood, cast stone, concrete, or even metal surfaces†.

Usage SummaryBlank space if empty.
PreparationBlank space if empty.
  • All surfaces must be clean, free of dust, chalk, oil, grease, wax, polish, mold and mildew stains, loose and peeling paint, rust and all other foreign substances.
  • For maximum adhesion, scuff sand glossy surfaces thoroughly before coating.
  • Remove all dust with a damp cloth and allow to dry.
PrimeBlank space if empty.
  • Use BEHR PREMIUM Chalk Decorative Paint on properly prepared uncoated or painted interior surfaces.
  • For wood that contains tannins, such as Redwood and Cedar, a coat of primer such as BEHR® Multi-Surface Primer & Sealer No. 436 is recommended.
  • For improved adhesion, prime all uncoated metal, cast stone and concrete surfaces before painting.
ApplicationBlank space if empty.
  • Shake the container thoroughly before opening for application.
  • Apply when air and surface temperatures are between 50-90° F (10-32° C).
  • Stir paint occasionally. Intermix containers of same product to ensure color and sheen uniformity.
  • Use a high quality foam or 3/8-1/2" nap roller cover or nylon/polyester brush.
  • This product is formulated to be rich and concentrated to provide excellent hide and coverage.
  • If you find this product to be too thick, add up to 2 oz. of water per quart to thin it to the desired thickness for smooth and easy application.
  • Certain colors may require more than one coat for complete hide.
  • Darker colors may require additional dry time between coats. Cooler temperatures or higher humidity may prolong drying time.
DisposalBlank space if empty.
  • For disposal of empty containers, unused paint and soiled rags, contact your household refuse collection service.

Read Application Instructions

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