Best Colors for Home Offices

With so many people working remotely or on hybrid schedules, the home office has become an important room in the house. Work areas have been thoughtfully carved out of living rooms, kitchen nooks, attics, basements, spare rooms, closets and even garages. Regardless of size or location, a considerable amount of time is spent in this room each day. Productivity is the #1 consideration for a successful workspace and color plays a role in achieving that.

A short wall painted in a light gray paint color. A simple yet stylish home office area with a gray armchair at desk with plant and lamp.
Wall-Fast as the Wind PPU26-17

When choosing color for your home office, consider the types of activities that take place there. How does the room need to feel for you to do your best work?  Do you need to sit quietly and focus, or will you take calls and join video conferences? Will you need to move around the room or have tables available to spread out projects. Is this your private workplace, or do you share the area with other family members?

Proper lighting is a must: natural light from a window helps keep energy levels at their peak. Task lighting can also keep eyes from becoming fatigued if they focus on small details for a long time. Color also looks better in well-lit rooms!

Let’s take a look at how color can impact your working style:

White is a great color for small spaces to help areas feel larger and more open.

A desktop computer mock-up on an industrial desk in a scandinavian home office space with white walls. The color on the wall is called Nano White.
wall- Nano White HDC-MD-06

Gray is a color that feels balanced, does not distract and easily coordinates with other office furniture or colorful accessories.

A light gray home office, the  composition on the wooden desk includes a display of  mocked up templates, office supplies and elegant accessories in modern concept.  The color used on the wall is called Platinum.
wall: Platinum PPU26-11
A Mid Century Modern homo office space placed next to a hallway.  The composition of the door includes a desk with a colorful geometric pattern painted on the front and a bright yellow chair.  The color on the walls is called Meteor Shower.
walls- Meteor Shower N450-3, trim & door-Polar Bear 75
A simple Bohemian style home office, the wall color is a light gray called Silver Bullet.
walls & trim-Silver Bullet N520-2

When the need to focus is essential, neutrals create a non-distracting background. Try using warm shades of brown, taupe or sand  keep walls from feeling ho-hum dreary.

Stylish bohemian interior of home office space with wooden desk, office supplies, decoration and elegant personal accessories in home decor. The mod-to-dark brown color on the wall is called Light Truffle.
wall & trim-Light Truffle PPU5-06A

Blue is a tranquil color. Lighter blues have positive associations for clear thinking.

A simple home office featuring a light and airy blue color on the wall.  A white desk and chair with just a few desktop accessories.
walls – Light Drizzle N480-1 trim-Polar Bear 75

Darker Blues are known for creating an atmosphere of stability.

Chair at wooden table with computer monitor and plants in dark blue and  spacious home office interior.
wall: Very Navy M500-7

Aqua and turquoise offices have a peaceful balance of blue and green and are easy to live with and helps with focus.

A wall shelf with flowers and fresh plant, decor and books in white living room interior with study corner desk with lamp and mockup laptop.  The color in the wall is a light aqua called Beach Foam.
wall – Beach Foam S450-1
A speckled patterned carpet in white and turquoise colors, A unique bed and mattress in colorful living room interior , there is ao desk area with an accent wall painted in a turquoise color called Thai Teal.
back wall & trim- Vibrant White BWC-12, accent wall- Thai Teal M460-6

Natural and calming green are great for people working long hours and does not fatigue the eyes.

A simple desk work area.  There is a small desk with books, a chair, and a couple of plants.  The wall color is a mid-green with a yellow undertone called Back to Nature.
wall & trim- Back to Nature S340-4 door-Graphic Charcoal N500-6

Dark Greens create boldness and balance in where concentration and focus is needed.

A contemporary home office painted in a dark green called Royal Orchard. The is and an adjustable black leather chair and two other chairs that create a conversation space.  The office space includes a fireplace and window with a beautiful vista.
wall- Royal Orchard PPU11-01  fireplace & trim: Smoky White BWC-13  door-Barnwood Gray PPU24-07

Yellow is associated with optimism and helps stimulate creativity. This is a great color for designers to have in their space.

A simple deck area featuring a white walls with elegant wainscotting and a geometric paint design painted a mid yellow color.   A white desk and a yellow chair with just a few desktop accessories make the rest of this working corner.
walls & trim- Painters White PPU18-08,   geometric design-Charismatic PPU6-14

Terra cotta tones provide a sense a warmth to all white space and can suit a variety of home office styles.

A built-in desk area in the corner of a room, featuring a terra cotta desk and bookshelves.  The walls on the room are white.  An adjustable white leather chair and some colorful accessories make up the rest of the office space.
walls: Smoky White BWC-13 trim: Polar Bear 75 desk: Canyon Dusk S210-4

For a room that feels less serious, pink is a color that adds an element of charm and playfulness in an office.

A Scandinavian interior. there is  rattan chair and white desk in home office room design.  The wall is painted in a light dusty pink color called Seaside Villa.
Wall-Seaside Villa S190-1   

Red is a high energy color – great for rooms where there are lots of conversations or activities taking place.

A casual eclectic home office space, the walls are painted in a popular, deep red color called Red Pepper.
walls-Red Pepper PPU2-02  trim-Polar Bear 75

When projects call for out-of-the-box thinking, purple is known to stimulate creativity making it terrific for studios or craft areas.

A retro chic home office featuring a thick band  and  violet ceiling  border.  The walls are painted in a medium gray color called Elephant Skin.  The accent color on the band and ceiling border is called Standing Ovation.
walls- Standing Ovation N570-2  accent- Elephant Skin PPU18-16

Lastly, your home office can be professional, but still feel personal. Show off family photos, favorite pieces of art, book collections and make sure your favorite coffee cup is always nearby!

Colorfully yours,


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    These color ideas are great for office lighting. Can you suggest something for bedroom and study place lighting?

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