by Diana Olvera

Nature has long been an inspiration for home design. It surrounds us and provides elements that deliver a sense of tranquility and restoration. As we prepare for 2020, we look to get back to nature. We look to find ways to bring the outdoors into our homes and tap into the wide range of nature-inspired colors that fit perfectly with different décor styles, projects and lifestyles.

Cozy living room interior
Left Wall: Painter’s White PPU18-08 Right Wall: Back to Nature S340-4

Looking for a grounding deep green that works well on its own? Secret Meadow S360-6  might be perfect for you and works well as a base color for light and bright accents. This deep green makes a great accent wall complementing neutrals colors in a room, such as Creamy Mushroom PPU5-13 or Painter’s White PPU18-08.

Moody green bedroom
Wall: Secret Meadow S360-6
Farmhouse bathroom
Walls: Secret Meadow S360-6

While bold, warm-toned colors can add a lively pop of color in certain rooms, for bedrooms and bathrooms, I recommend using calming hues such as Light Drizzle N480-1 or our 2020 Behr Color of the Year, Back to Nature S340-4. These colors evoke balance, tranquility and restoration.

Traditional bathroom with blue ceiling
Ceiling: Light Drizzle N480-1

Create a sense of calm by mixing in furniture with rounded corners and soft textiles to make your home feel like a sanctuary.

Modern apartment interior
Wall: Back to Nature S340-4

While painting your walls with nature-inspired hues is an easy way to bring the outdoors in, you can also consider tackling a table in the foyer with a green-hued palette. Don’t forget to add plants and other natural elements like stone, wood and water features, which are key to promoting health and balance throughout the home.

Painted table
Table: Back to Nature S340-4

Let’s bring the outdoors into our homes with nature-inspired paint palettes and décor. How do you plan to bring outdoor elements into your home? Join me for the Behr Color Clinic, October 10-11 on the Behr Facebook Page. I’ll be answering your paint questions LIVE to help you find the perfect paint color for your space.

For more color and design inspiration, visit our Color Studio on behr.com.

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