Chalk Decorative Paint: Brilliant Chair Refresh

by Quinn Larson

We’ve all seen them, those discarded, ramshackle piece of furniture curbside, next to the trash cans.  We see them sitting there, all lonely, like a kitten in the rain and think, ‘all that piece needs is a coat of paint, a little TLC and it could be beautiful!’  That’s where our latest and greatest, Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint system comes into play.  This paint and wax duo that was designed with customization and refurbishment in mind. Easy to apply, and available in hundreds of colors, the transformations can now begin!

Our first transformation project was this rather drab looking chair.  We liked the style and structure of the chair, but it looked tired.  Enter Chalk Decorative Paint and it’s transformed into a bright and fresh bistro chair!

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

To Complete this project you will need the following:

Tools and Materials:

Behr® Chalk Decorative Paint -color Salmon Coral BCP03

Piece of furniture to be painted (can be a new or old piece)

Paint brush

Behr® Wax Decorative Finish in Dark

Clean rag for wax application

Sandpaper or a sanding block

Step 1: Prep piece for painting

A bit of light prep is a good place to start.  Clean your piece free of any food, dust, and previous finish residuals with a gentle cleaning solution.  When dry lightly sand your piece to create a surface the chalk paint can adhere to. If there is fabric, or any elements that need to be removed, glued, secured or adjusted do so at this point.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Step 2: Paint

With a paint brush begin painting your piece.  Chalk Decorative Paint does have a thicker consistency and will apply differently than wall paint. Allow first coat to dry and apply second coat if necessary/desired.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Step 3: Scuff sand for antique look (optional)

If you’d like your piece to have an “antiqued” look, take a piece of sand paper (or your sanding block) and gently sand the high points of the piece.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Step 4: Apply wax

The color and amount of wax you apply will effect the final look of your piece. Dip your rag into the wax and then rub directly onto the piece.  The final color and look will depend on the color, and how much, or how little wax you use.  Adding more colored wax into the cracks, creases and corners will produce a more pronounced look.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

Step 5: Update other elements (optional)

Once you have completed applying the wax you are free to update other aspects of your piece.  Changing out fabric, adding embellishments such as upholstery tacks or new handles will all help refresh the piece.

Behr Chalk Decorative Paint

For more information on our new Chalk Decorative Paint system visit behr.com.

To watch a short video on this new product line click here.

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