Color of the Month: English Daisy

A collage of images representing the color: English Daisy (yellow hue).
May bathes the outdoors in warm, welcoming sunshine and blankets of beautiful flowers. Like the peaceful joy of a smile on a pleasant spring day, Behr’s English Daisy P290-6 brings a sense of happiness to all it touches, which is why we’ve chosen it for our Color of the Month.
Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for: English Daisy.
English Daisy on living room walls is like basking in a ray of ever-present sunshine, no matter what the weather outdoors. A hint of orange tucked into this inviting yellow makes any space feel more inviting, cheery and comfortable. It’s perfect for a large, open space or a room with vaulted ceilings, making any conversational grouping feel cozier and chat-worthy.
Living room with the walls painted in English Daisy.
Walls: English Daisy P290-6, Trim: Honied White YL-W3, Accent: Fresh Apple P360-6
Create a stunning dining room scene with English Daisy on the walls. This gleeful golden hue works its wonders no matter what the room’s style, both as a backdrop for bold furniture and to enliven the after-dinner environment.
An undescriptive room with am aqua colored dresser and walls painted in English Daisy.
Walls: English Daisy P290-6, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE, Accent: Esmerelda P440-6
Add a splash of sunshine to the kitchen by using English Daisy as an accent color. Paint the insides of open cabinets with this happy yellow to highlight your dinnerware collection. English Daisy is also the perfect contrast for cobalt-blue walls, white cabinets, and silver or gray fixtures and furnishings.
A kitchen with walls painted in a bright navy blue and accents are in yellow.
Accent: English Daisy P290-6, Upper Cabinets and Door: ULTRA PURE WHITE, Wall: Mosaic Blue PPU15-04, Lower Cabinets: Dark Pewter PPU18-04, Island: Pencil Point PPU18-02
English Daisy is the perfect complement to bright white furniture in the bedroom, too. This color pairs well with grays and other neutrals in fabric accents.
A bedroom with the walls painted in English Daisy.
Walls: English Daisy P290-6, Trim: Night Blooming Jasmine YL-W10
Add a pop of perkiness to an otherwise white bathroom by painting the vanity with this vivacious yellow tone. Bold yellow cabinets offer the perfect contrast for dark tile or hardwood flooring, making the space feel more inviting year-round.
A bathroom with the walls painted in English Daisy.
Cabinets: English Daisy P290-6, Walls: ULTRA PURE WHITE
English Daisy is also ideal for architectural details and home accents in any room. Vibrant yellow, geometric artwork stands in stunning beauty against a bold cobalt-blue wall, yet it’s equally at home as a color for window and door trim in an otherwise white room.
A sitting area with a deep purplish-blue wall and yellow accents on the wall.
Accent: English Daisy P290-6, Walls and trim: Dark Navy S530-7
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