Color of the Month: Corn Stalk

A playroom-office painted in a wholesome and welcoming yellow called Corn Stalk.  The room features are hardwood floor and it is decorated with colorful elements.

June marks the middle of the year with beautiful blooming flowers, warm summer days, and plenty of outdoor activities. It is also the perfect time to make updates around the house with fun bright colors. Say hello to Corn Stalk – a wholesome yellow that provides a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere. It is the perfect high season color to match the look and feel of celebrations, vacations and happy moments.

Yellow is a luminous hue that naturally exudes visual warmth. It is said to provide positive vibes and may be answer to a room that needs a mood-boosting make-over. Corn Stalk’s luminosity and playfulness have an energizing effect.

The top view of an open paint can featuring a mid-tone and luminous yellow called Corn Stalk.

A welcoming kitchen is filled with the warmth of friendship and laughter. Yellow creates the illusion of light and glows with cheerfulness – if that’s not pleasing enough, it establishes an element of optimism in the space where it appears.

Farmhouse style kitchen with high ceiling and beams.  The walls and kitchen island are painted with a cheerful yet pleasing yellow called Corn Stalk.
walls: Honied White, island: Corn Stalk

Like a beam of sunshine, the enveloping warmth of Corn Stalk creates an inviting glow in a hallway.

A hallway - bathroom entrance.  The hallway is painted with a warm and inviting yellow called Corn Stalk. The bathroom entrance features are sliding door.
wall: Corn Stalk, trim & door: ULTRA PURE WHITE ®

Paired with gleaming fixtures and white trimwork, light yellow walls make a captivating appearance in a traditional setting. Corn Stalk’s coziness makes it the perfect shade to provide a relaxed feeling in a bathroom.

A traditional style bathroom painted in a mid-tone yellow that feels cozy and relaxing. The room features a double sink vanity and  beautiful woodwork on the lower wall area.
upper wall: Corn Stalk, lower wall & trim: Whisper White

In a soft green entryway, Corn Stalk creates a striking focal point when used as a front door accent color.

A soft green entryway featuring a yellow door painted with a cheerful yellow called Corn Stalk , this glowing color creates a striking focal point.
upper wall: Nature’s Gift, lower wall: Swiss Coffee, door: Corn Stalk

When combined with natural materials and colors, Corn Stalk can be used to brighten any living space or energize an outdoor area.

A front porch with a lounging swing, the house color on the background is featuring an energizing yellow color called Corn Stalk.
wall: Corn Stalk

Corn Stalk reminds us of sunshine, picnics and everything we love about summer. Whether used sparingly as an accent or applied to overall walls, it creates a sense of warmth and coziness in the home.

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