Color of the Month: Guava Jelly

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February is a month of looking forward to warmer weather as the daylight hours lengthen with each sunrise. While it’s still chilly outdoors, this month celebrates the warm embrace of companionship, the cozy time spent indoors and planning for spring. The warming, soft coral tone of Behr’s Guava Jelly P180-4 offers a comforting reminder that winter will soon be over, making way for springtime flowers and summer fun. The inherent optimism of this shade is why we’ve selected it as the Color of the Month. 

Guava Jelly is the perfect shade to add a little warming energy to a multi-purpose space, a laundry room or workout area. It’s ideal for a single focal wall, or for two opposite walls, surrounded by a more subdued shade such as and off white or a pale green. White window and door trim provides balance and ties the look together.

Featured Colors: Walls- Guava Jelly P180-4, Off White 73, Trim- Ultra Pure White

Add a splash colorful inspiration to a home office with a band of Guava Jelly near the ceiling. This color pairs amazingly well with varying shades of gray, such as walls with dark gray on the bottom, lighter gray on the top. Guava Jelly is both retro and modern in its energy, so it spans the genres, no matter what form of furniture outfits the room. Retro-modern decor looks especially stunning in such a space.

Featured Colors: Upper Wall- Doeskin Gray N200-2, Lower Wall- Manuscript PPU8-23
Accents: Guava Jelly P180-4, Dark Navy S530-7, Ceiling: Swiss Coffee 12

A bedroom need not be boring, either. Add a creative, artistic twist by painting an abstract city skyline in Guava Jelly around the perimeter of the room. This artsy display works well atop walls of white or warm gray. Continue the play on color with a comforter in golds, corals and grays, paired with a few decorative accents in cobalt blue, orange or even hot pink.

Featured Colors: Upper wall and trim- Ultra Pure White, Lower wall- Guava Jelly P180-4

In a room where white covers everything in sight, a small dose of Guava Jelly impresses with its impact. Paint a dresser’s drawer fronts in this playful pinkish hue to make the piece stand out even more. This look is even more impressive on furniture adorned with interesting, detailed trim or other unique features, even if the piece is otherwise all white. Add a golden yellow lamp and a bouquet of pink, orange and yellow flowers for a classic sixties- or seventies-inspired look.

Featured Colors: Walls and trim- Ultra Pure White, Dresser- Ultra Pure White, Guava Jelly P180-4

Guava Jelly also adds an artistic accent in places least expected, such as the top of a coffee table. Geometric shapes in retro shades of blue, green, yellow and coral jazz up an otherwise plain table, adding visual interest to the room as well.

Featured Colors: Guava Jelly P180-4, Vintage Mustard BCP13, Trellis Gray BCP39, Granny Smith Apple BCP16, Surf BCP28

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  1. Lee Palidin says:

    While searching for information about ideas for painting or coating floors, I stumbled into your blog. It’s is stunning! All blogs should look this good and offer this much info, and there’s something about this color: Guava which I couldn’t resist though I see English Daisy and will go there next.

    Still searching for ideas, thanks!

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