Color of the Month: Jade Mist

A collage showcase of a mint color beach house with ocean view, light blue and green glass collection, a mint green antique door know and a coastal style small bath with white tile and sink.

June is the month of perfect, lazy afternoons. It’s the time for strolls on the beach or reading a favorite novel on the porch, whether at home or at a coastal cottage getaway. Behr paint color Jade Mist M410-1 perfectly captures the essence of a stress-free vacation in June — rejuvenating, refreshing and yet completely relaxing — which is why we’ve selected it as the Color of the Month.

An open paint can overview with wet paint featuring a light green color called Jade Mist.

Jade Mist works wonders on a home’s exterior, blanketing the structure in a soothing shade that emanates peace like a pleasant sunny day. It’s ideal for a beach house or boat house; the perfect complement for surrounding colors of sky and sea, surf and sand. Jade Mist is also a pleasing alternative to white for a summer cottage or a home on a street full of similar neutrals.

A beach house with  indoor and outdoor view.  House siding painted in light green color  and white roof.
House Body: Jade Mist M410-1

Jade Mist also brings that sense of cheerful serenity into the living room when used as a wall color. Outfit the space with furnishings in white and gray or silver to keep the vibe subtle yet modern. This color also looks right at home with furniture that’s retro, timeless and yet completely unique. Worn wood floors look right at home with this wall color, as do decorative accents in gold, white and even bronze. 

A classic yet modern paneled living room painted in light green color called Jade Mist.
Wall: Jade Mist M410-1

Add a peaceful, beachy vibe to the bedroom with Jade Mist walls. White and gray bedding, paired with textured accent pillows in similar shades, adds sophistication to the space. This soft, pastel backdrop is also the perfect way to display collections of seashells, coral and driftwood. Add a few antiqued white elements and natural fibers such as sisal rugs and burlap lampshades to complete the shabby chic cottage look. 

A peaceful coastal style bedroom with light green wall and comfy white bed.
Wall: Jade Mist M410-1

Jade Mist is also a great backdrop for full plays of color in a child’s bedroom. Bedding in bold blues, reds, yellows and white looks right at home against the restful yet cheery wall color. It’s also a wonderful shade to tie together hand-me-down vintage furnishings such as an old, dark wood dresser and a golden-harvest-hued headboard. Add a few playful elements in the forms of illustrated artwork for this room that’s perfectly suited for bedtime stories. 

A child's bedroom showcasing a lgiht green wall, classic furniture and stuffed animal toys in bold colors
Wall: Jade Mist M410-1

Jade Mist adds a cheery touch to a retro or contemporary laundry room, making chore time feel far more enjoyable. Wood, laminate or just about any flooring pairs well with these slightly minty walls.

A contemporary light green laundry room with abundant natural light,  white cabinetry and washing machine.
Wall: Jade Mist M410-1

Whether used on the walls or only on privacy shutters, Jade Mist works wonders in a bathroom, too. This shade adds just the right blend of freshness and cheerfulness while keeping the atmosphere relaxed and refreshing.

A small coastal bath with light green shutters.

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