Color of the Month: Maple Glaze

A large kitchen with a lot of cabinetry storage.  The cabinetry are painted in a tera cotta tone called Maple Glaze.  Kitchen Island is paint in a gray tone color called Barnwood Gray.

The beginning of each day starts with a good breakfast whether it be a cup of coffee, a bowl of cereal or eggs and toast done just the way you like. However, we would argue there isn’t a more perfect breakfast than a stack of hot pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and sprinkled with fresh fruit toppings. This is the inspiration behind our August Color of the Month, Maple Glaze PPU3-16.

The top view of and open paint can with a half dipped paint brush, the paint color being featured is called Maple Glaze.

Maple Glaze adds scrumptious color to a dining room.  This caramel hue in combination with bright pastels creates a perfect balance of newness while maintaining nostalgic appeal in a Midcentury dining room.

A mid-century dining room area with retro furniture pieces painted in bright pastel yellow-green color.  The terra cotta color on the wall coordinates nicely with the furniture keeping it from looking for bright but rather warm and welcoming.
walls- Maple Glaze PPU3-16 trim- Polar Bear 75  hutch-Picking Apples BCP17

A swath of Maple Glaze highlights an architectural feature in a white living room. Extending the colorful band across the ceiling gives the room an extra scoop of visual interest, even in a room filled with white or light gray furnishings. Add a few cobalt blue throw pillows for an extra pop of color.

A very welcoming living area, there are two comfy couches, a cozy blanket and some accent pillows.   The main color of the room is a white tone but there is an accent paint color that starts on a wall goes all the way across the celling. The accent color is called Maple Glaze.
walls, trim & ceiling- Painter’s White PPU18-08  accent- Maple Glaze PPU3-16

A Maple Glaze vanity adds an interesting touch to a black, white, and gray bathroom. A black sink basin stands out on top of the vanity, turning the entire feature into a focal point with a gray wall as the backdrop. An area rug in a global pattern style rounds out the space.

An eclectic gray bathroom with a round cotemporary  bath tub  and a unique and interesting vanity painted in an earthy orange color called Maple Glaze.
walls- Battleship Gray N360-4  vanity- Maple Glaze PPU3-16

A multi-purpose bonus space such as a finished attic becomes far more inviting with a Maple Glaze focal wall. Outfit the otherwise white room with a gray closet door, dark plank flooring and a large wall-mounted coat rack repurposed to hold gym bags and sports equipment

A large multi-purpose room  painted in a white color, there is a terra cotta color featured as an accent wall.  
The accent color is called Maple Glaze and it helps highlight the architecture of this room.
walls- Painter’s White PPU18-08  accent- Maple Glaze PPU3-16

A Maple Glaze ceiling lifts the sight lines and adds visual interest by bringing warmth to the space. Soft gray walls pair well with appliances, neatly tucked within a row of white painted base cabinets.

A laundry room painted in a light neutral colors which make the overall room feel expansive and bright.  The ceiling painted color is a mid-to-dark warm tone called Maple Glaze.
walls- Perfect Taupe PPU18-13  trim- Silky White PPU7-12  ceiling- Maple Glaze PPU3-16

Maple Glaze in combination with a softer  earthy shade work well in master bedroom and bath creating a smooth room-to-room tonal contrast.

A large master bedroom and bathroom, both room are painted with orange tones.  The main color is a mid dusty terra cotta called Canyon Dusk and the accent color used on the headboard wall is called Maple Glaze.
walls- Canyon Dusk S210-4  accent- Maple Glaze PPU3-16

Maple Glaze makes a restful focal point and adds earthy enrichment to a reading nook.

A cozy reading nook decorate with neutral pillows, the color of the walls is a light neutral called Almond Wisp. The accent color on the back wall of the nook is a darker caramel tone called Maple Glaze.
walls-Almond Wisp PPU5-12  accent- Maple Glaze PPU3-16

Maple Glaze adds colorful warmth to a neutral home’s facade.

A mid range image of the front of a single family home.  The body of the house is painted in a mid-to-dark green with a green undertone called, Barnwood Gray.  The trim is featuring a super white color called ULTRA PURE WHITE.  The front main door features an inviting orange tone called Maple Glaze.
house body- Barnwood Gray PPU24-07    trim- ULTRA PURE WHITE®    door- Maple Glaze PPU3-16

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