Color of the Month: Ocean Abyss

A bedroom with dark  teal color walls and white trim and ceiling, the color used on the wall is called Ocean Abyss. 
The bedroom is dresses in off white neutral bedding and a brown accent blanket.

October is a month that transitions us into the cooler season to come.  The last days of summer can be savored while enjoying water-based excursions like sailing or kayaking. Behr’s paint color Ocean Abyss MQ6-01 is a deep teal that brings with it a huge scoop of relaxation.

The top view of an open paint can, the color being featured is a dramatic teal color called Ocean Abyss.  There is a half dipped paint brush leaning on top of the open can.

Ocean Abyss is a deep, nautical teal for relaxed and sophisticated spaces.  Because teal sits in both the blue and green family it has associations with nature and spirituality-think turquoise gemstones and warm tropical waters.

Deep Abyss is a cool and calming hue, creating an oasis of relaxation perfect for bedroom walls.

A one side angle of a bedroom, the wall being being featured is a deep ocean inspired teal called Ocean Abyss.  There is light color dresser and upholstered chair in front of the wall which creates a nice contrast between the wall and the furniture.
walls color- Ocean Abyss MQ6-01, trim- Whisper White HDC-MD-08

Subtle color counterparts balance the bold intensity of Ocean Abyss. Paired with a softer blue upper wall, this shade works well on the lower wall, such as on beadboard, decorative trim or a fireplace mantel. These color mixes create an inviting, soothing space.  Potted plants or plant cuttings enhance the natural relaxation vibe in this space.

A living room featuring a lower accent wall.  The top of the wall is painted in an almost neutral blue-green color called Water.  The accent lower wall is called Ocean Abyss.  The room is decorated with neutral casual decorative elements raging from a light gray upholstered sofa, a black tall side table, and concrete gray color small decorative elements.
upper wall color-Watery HDC-CT-26, lower wall color – Ocean Abyss MQ6-01

Ocean Abyss gives this small retro dining room a dynamic jolt of energy. It’s the perfect backdrop for carefully curated Lucite chairs and a round, white-topped table.

Fancy dining room with blue-green wall with molding and with modern table with black legs and marble style countertop, nice table decorations, four, new plastic chairs under black pendant lamp. The wall being featured is was painted in a deep teal color called Ocean Abyss.
wall color- Ocean Abyss MQ6-01

We think Ocean Abyss is also a perfect wall color for a room that doubles as a home office. Splashes of white in the form of doors, a fireplace or even wood trim keep the space looking bright and crisp. A wood desk looks simply stunning in such a space.

A contemporary office with a fireplace. the furniture used in the room has a retro feel too it.  There is also a double wood and glass door that allows you to see hazy green vista.
wall color- Ocean Abyss MQ6-01,  trim color-Whisper White HDC-MD-08

Dramatic color can be displayed subtly by painting cabinetry and other furnishings. Brass or gold-toned cabinet hardware stands out like a precious metal treasure on a teal vanity cabinet. White walls, ceiling and countertops add just the right amount of light to make the space feel airy, serene and stress free.

A bathroom with beautiful cabinets and finishes. The cabinet was painted in glossy deep teal color called Ocean Abyss. The hardware throughout  the cabinets is metallic gold or brassy colors.
walls color- Whisper White HDC-MD-08, vanity-Ocean Abyss MQ6-01

To learn more about Ocean Abyss and explore the entire BEHR® Color Trends 2022 Palette visit or your local Home Depot store.

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