Color of the Month: Secret Meadow

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August is a month of enjoying the shade of a backyard oasis. It’s also time to tend to the garden to help it thrive, even in the deep summer heat. Plants seem aglow in their harmonious green hues as you water this well-tended space to fend off those summertime brown-lawn blues. Behr Secret Meadow S360-6 captures that calming, soothing green of summertime gardening, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month.

Secret Meadow inspires serenity outdoors when used on a garden or fence gate. This color fits in perfectly with stone or dirt pathways, plants of virtually any sort, and light neutrals on a home’s exterior.

Gate: Secret Meadow S360-6, Wall: Writer’s Parchment N280-2

Secret Meadow is also an excellent wall-color choice for living rooms, dens and hangout rooms in general. Go old school with a retro-inspired living room with a Mid-Century wood table, geometric art pieces and furniture in earthy beige hues. Secret Meadow also works well when highlighting one area as the conversational center of the room.

Walls: Secret Meadow S360-6, Trim: Secret Meadow S360-6, Ultra Pure White, Ceiling: Tanglewood N320-3

Paint one or two walls in this earthy green shade. Gray or espresso wall trim adds an interesting look to the space and works well with the other walls painted white. Add throw pillows in assorted colors, textures and patterns for an eclectic yet inviting look. Everything from navy blue to chartreuse to ruddy red works well on accent-pillow fabric against a tan sofa in this peaceful space.

Walls: Secret Meadow S360-6, Cascade Beige N240-1, Sawgrass N350-2, Trim: Potting Soil N360-7, Ceiling: Cascade Beige N240-1

A bathroom is another room where an inspired-by-nature look adds just the right amount of serenity. Paint the walls in Secret Meadow, surrounded by white window and door trim. Outfit the room with wood elements, natural fiber baskets or rugs, and even a contemporary chandelier. Espresso tones and oil-rubbed bronze features look especially nice in this green bathroom.

Walls: Secret Meadow S360-6, Trim: Polished Marble GR-W13

Go a bit bold, yet still stay relaxed, in a bedroom with Secret Meadow walls. Fabrics in deep turquoise, pink and firey red oranges look stunning while invoking the peace of the night sky. Jewel-toned bedding, a colorful rug near the bed and a gorgeous display of fresh-cut flowers round out this unique yet oh-so-inviting bedroom.

Walls: Secret Meadow S360-6, Trim: Ultra Pure White

For more color and design inspiration visit our Color Studio on behr.com.

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