Color of the Month: Wild Mustang

An open concept living room with a office area. There are two large floor to ceiling double doors with large windows.  The walls are painted in a dark brown color called Wild Mustang.
Living Room

Our November color of the month, Wild Mustang N240-6, is a soft gold-infused brown that radiates warmth and coordinates with fall’s rustic palette. It is a color that pays homage to the natural beauty of the free-roaming horses of the West. Wild Mustang evokes a sense of harmony and connection with the Earth.

It serves as a reminder of our innate relationship with nature while infusing an effortless elegance into living spaces.  Brown shades complement many decor styles and instills a sense of stability and security.  This earthy shade provides a stunning contrast with more adventurous shades like cinnamon, gold, and pops of yellow. It also harmonizes perfectly with similar warm neutrals like ecru, beige and coffee.

The top view of an open paint can, the paint color being featured in a brown color called Wild Mustang.

Dining areas are gathering points for warmth, company, and lively conversations. Wild Mustang walls optimize dining zones, adding depth to dual-hued backgrounds that strike a perfect balance between rich personality and light tones that widen your spaces.

The addition of well-positioned potted plants provides a natural touch of greenery that reduces stress levels, further enhancing your area as a gathering point for calmness and serenity.

An eclectic dining room with modern table and green upholstered chairs.  An accent wall is paint with a brown color called Wild Mustang.
Left Wall: Wild Mustang N240-6, Right Wall: Studio Clay MQ2-27, Trim: Whisper White HDC-MD-08

The earthy accents of Wild Mustang make it an ideal hue for the fireplace area — it can serve as a beacon of warmth and comfort. Wild Mustang blends well with subdued shades of gray and wood tones, contributing to a more layered and sophisticated look.

An accent wall featuring a modern fireplace with a simple natural wood mantle.  The wall is painted in a grounding and cozy color called Wild Mustang.
Wall: Wild Mustang N240-6, Trim: Whisper White HDC-MD-08

The earth-based color paint pairs nicely with painted or natural wood furniture, accentuating unique grain patterns. Hardwoods like oak and teak that naturally display a luxurious appearance are even more intense when coupled with Wild Mustang.

A photo of a wooden cupboard next to a desk with desktop computer and plants in home office interior. The wall color is painted in brown color called Wild Mustang.
Wall: Wild Mustang N240-6, Trim: Polar Bear 75

A dramatic color like Wild Mustang imparts a feeling of coziness within a bedroom.  Dark neutral brown complements Danish-inspired hygge layouts, which exude autumn snugness and an atmosphere of contentment.

A contemporary/boho bedroom with large windows.  There is a comfy bed with white simple bedding.  One is painted in dark brown color called Wild Mustang.
right wall: Polar Bear 75 accent wall: Wild Mustang N240-6

Inspired by natural formations such as mountains, cliffs, fields, and trees, Wild Mustang works for anyone who wishes to produce timeless appeal and enhance the architecture of their home.

A Mid Century house, the house body is painted in a grounding brown color called Wild Mustang.  The front door is painted in a cheery bright yellow color.  Nice, manicured landscape.
House Body: Wild Mustang N240-6, Trim: Smoky White BWC-13, Door: Buzz-In P300-6

Wild Mustang is a stylish paint option that provides endless versatility. It is a deep-bodied hue resonating with personality, guaranteed to grab attention while providing a soothing ambiance.

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  • Nancy says...

    I painted my light-filled master bedroom this color and the color is just beautifully warm and soothing.

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