Color, Transparency and Light

Six multi-color clear drinking glasses.

Beautiful combinations of color, transparency and light continue to inspire art, furniture and even architecture. Centuries ago, stained glass windows were used in places of worship, allowing colored light to flood interior spaces. In the 1930s, Frank Lloyd Wright used colored glass panels for the first time in a modern design context. Today’s new technologies have pushed materials to the limit. Colorful glass and plastics enhance the experience of life with their simple, function and beauty!
A collage of transparent home furniture: chair, desk and sofa.
Furniture breaks away from upholstery and textiles with undulating glass forms.
A dining room showcasing modern furniture and two clear, blue-green lighting fixtures.
Colored glass lighting adds a soft, subtle element of structure over a dining room table.
A modern bedroom with an all-transparent side table.
A seamless look to a bedroom is achieved with a transparent side table.

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