DIY Painted Doormat Project




A personalized jute doormat with painted stripes and woman's shoes.
Let’s face it, we all want to add a little curb appeal to our homes but there can be a variety of reasons that we can’t tackle a full-scale exterior paint project. Whether you rent or just don’t have the time or budget for the project, sometimes you’ve got to get a little creative to add some personal flair to your home. And even though we can’t all paint our houses, a custom doormat is a quick and easy way to personalize your entryway.
Materials to create a customized jute doormat: jute doormat, paint, roller, tape and plastic tray.
What You’ll Need:
BEHR paint (sample size or leftover gallon). We used Coastal Storm MQ6-20 and Windgate Hill MQ6-24
Small foam roller brush
Mini roller tray
Paper towels
Painter’s tape
Jute doormat
A frame showing how to place painter’s tape to create desired design.
1 Layout painter’s tape into desired design.
2 Pour paint into mini roller tray.
A frame showing a hand holding a roller brush with paint and applying onto jute doormat.
3 Saturate foam roller brush with paint and roll and press firmly onto jute doormat. Repeat until complete.
4 Remove painter’s tape carefully. Let paint dry fully.
5 Place doormat in front of door and enjoy!

Your entryway says a lot about you. Every time a guest visits, your house greets them before you get the chance. With a hand-painted doormat, you can make sure your guests receive the kind of warm welcome you’d like them to.

Colorfully Yours,