Patio Furniture Spray Paint Makeover.




Outdoor patio setting.

Warm summer evenings lend to more entertaining outside making this the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space with BEHR PREMIUM™ Spray Paints. Follow the steps by steps below or if you are more visual, jump down to the end of the article for the video!

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Behr’s Featured Colors & Products:

Oil Rubbed Bronze SP-201, Satin Metallic  

White 52, Gloss Finish

Breezeway MQ3-21, Satin Finish

Three paint blobs and spray paint cans.


Tools used in this projects placed on a drop cloth.

• Spray Paint:

Table Legs: BEHR PREMIUM™ Specialty Spray Paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze SP-201, Satin Metallic  

Tabletop: BEHR PREMIUM™ Spray Paint, White 52, Gloss Finish

Stencil: BEHR PREMIUM™ Spray Paint, Breezeway MQ3-21, Satin Finish

• Painter’s Tape

• Medium Grit Sandpaper or Sanding Block

• Large Sponge

• Protective Glasses and Mask

• Gloves

• Drop Cloth

Tip: Always wear appropriate protective gear.

Step 1


A person sanding the leg of an outdoor table.

Scuff-sand to remove any loose paint and wipe away debris. Clean table and allow to dry.

A person covering the top of the table with a drop cloth.

Tape off and cover the top to avoid overspray.

Step 2

Apply Spray Paint

a person spray painting the legs of a table.

Set up outside or in a well-ventilated area. Cover the floor and any areas around you that you do not want spray paint on.

Shake can vigorously for 1 minute. Hold can about 12” from area being painted. While spraying move can from side to side across the area. Let dry at least 1 hour before applying a second coat. Two to three thin coats produce the best results.

A person spray painting the top of a table.

Once dry, cover the legs and spray the tabletop. Let dry completely before next step.

Tip: Shake often during use.

Step 3

Add Stencil Design

A person spraying painting the top of a table that has a stencil taped to it.

Secure stencil to tabletop with painter’s tape. Apply spray paint (refer to step 2). Carefully remove stencil immediately after spraying.

Tip: You can use a small paint brush with the spray paint for touch ups.

To complete this look, we spray painted the chairs and small table and added a few decorative pillows.

A before and after of the outdoor table.

Click on the video below to see a step by step of this project.

BEHR PREMIUM™ Spray Paints can be used to create unique and trendy looks in your home. For additional inspiration on Behr decorative finishes visit   

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