Dreaming in Pink

Inspiration board featuring three paint drops: Pink Posies (light pink), Tropical Hibiscus (dark pink), Layers of Ocean (blue) Images shown are the following: -A bedroom with light pink bedding and blue accent pillows. -A gray chair with a light pink blanket draped over it. The wall behind the chair is painted in Layers of Ocean. -A pink flower against a light blue sky. -A cat sleeping in a dark pink bowl. -A bedroom with light pink bedding. The walls in the room are painted in Tropical Hibiscus.
Create a bedroom that you will love to dream in with pink hues that are delicate and calming. This palette pairs pink hues; Pink Posies M130-1 and Tropical Hibiscus M130-6 with a dusty blue; Layers of Ocean S520-6Pinks are often associated with sweetness and affection and can spark passion. Using pink for your walls can create a look that is charming and feminine as you see with Pink Posies M130-1, as well as soothing and bold as you see with Tropical Hibiscus M130-6.
You can still get a dreamy feel using pink as your secondary color in the room. Soft pinks pair well with dusty blues. Paint Layers of Ocean S520-6 on your main walls and save the pink for an accent wall or furniture. Add in decorative accessories using pink, such as pillows or blankets. The two hues balance each other evoking a relaxed atmosphere.
This February, you will be dreaming in pink.
Colorfully yours,

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  • Maryline Gallienne says...

    Hi Behrteam,
    I have a question about an article written by Larayne : dreaming in pink.
    Your article is wonderful, I love the mix of these colors. Do you know the name of the painting with flower and snow ( next to the cat ) ?
    Thanks a lot,

    • Larayne Boaz says...

      Hi Maryline,
      We are happy to hear you like the article and the mix of colors. The flower and snow image you are asking about, this is not a painting, this is a photograph. We love how the image incorporates the colors used in the article and has a delicate and calming feel.

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