FAQ: Boost Resale with Beige!

Inspiration mood board featuring four paint squares: Aged Beige, High Style Beige, Baja, and Almond Latte.
Images shown are the following:
- Detail image of a house key being inserted into a lock to open a home. 
- Dining room painted in Baja. Mid century modern dining table and furniture, a window to the right of the table, as well as a small wooden console with vases. There is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a work of art on the wall.
- Final image is a living room painted in High Style Beige. There is a L shape sofa, coffee table, single person sofa chair, and a woven side table. 
Decor includes pillows, blanket, books, an succulents. There are hanging woven lamps coming down from the ceiling. Also a piece of art on canvas behind the sofa.

Beige is a versatile color that will provide a harmonious backdrop, setting the stage for furnishings and  decor.

This hue evokes warmth, tranquility and simplicity. Potential home buyers can envision their own personal style when first touring their future home. This will boost your home’s resale while creating personal value.
Aged Beige PPU7-09, High Style Beige N270-1 , Baja PPU7-08 , Almond Latte N260-2
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